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Season 8

Episode 23

(Gu Jingming Is Going To Save Her Himself)

Before Yu Minmin could react, she was surrounded by icy cold water.

She felt a sharp pain in her arm and this meant that there was a wound on her arm.

She felt the strong currents coming at her and she wanted to find something to hold on to for support but was still washed away by the currents to a far distance.

She could only raise her hands and cry out, Save me

From below, someone screamed, Goodness, someone fell into the water!

This caught everyones attention.

Many people rushed outside to see which unfortunate person had fallen into the water.

Xu Yi was the only person running frantically back into the hall and screamed, Yu Minmin fell into the water! Someone save her!

Fang Zhongmou heard his screams and grabbed him. Why didnt you jump in to save her instead of screaming for help?

I dont know how to swim Have you forgotten that?

Fang Zhongmou frowned and looked at him. Without a choice, he pushed his arm away and ran out quickly.

At that moment, a figure dashed past them for the door.

Wow, its Mr. President.

Gu Jingming narrowed his eyes to take a clearer look at the waters.

Then he took off his jacket as fast as he could.

He kicked his shoes aside and took a leap into the waters.

Everyone exclaimed in astonishment, Wow, Mr. President jumped in to save the person!

Gu Jingming paddled against the currents like a fish in the water and swam towards Yu Minmin.

The convoy rushed to the scene and also jumped into the water to save them.

If they made Gu Jingming enter the waters by himself, they would definitely be punished afterward.

The people onshore watched on anxiously. After Gu Jingming entered the water, there was no sight of him and a commotion was stirred up among the people.

We dont see him anymore.

Could it be that things have gone wrong?

Good lord, where did he disappear to?

This is so frightening, Mr. President, what should we do?

Yin Suya came rushing out. She stared at the waters with a worried look and her hands were clenched together.

You will be fine Jingming

Hearing Yin Suya called him Jingming, the performing troupe members who stood behind her shot her another glance.

She even called his name directly.

Everyone stared at her back and were whispering among themselves, Look at her, its as if the one who fell into the waters is her husband.

The few people who were discussing shrugged their shoulders. They felt that they were in no position to judge those powerful figures. However, they thought that she was impressive. How could she be so amazingly shameless?

There was no sight of a person from the water surface; only sounds of the rushing river currents could be heard. From a distance, it was pitch dark. Not a glint of light could be seen.

Even the sky seemed to have darkened suddenly.

Everyone became even more anxious.

Just when they thought that something may have happened to Mr. President, a figure came emerging out of the waters in the dark.

His head emerged out of the waters first and he shook off the water in his hair.

Someone shouted, Goodness, Mr. President is back!

Everyones eyes were fixed on the water surface and watched Gu Jingming paddle in the water and he was getting nearer to shore.

What about Mrs. President? Was Madam saved? Someone asked curiously and at the same time, Gu Jingming stood up from the water and in his arms laid a woman who had passed out, her hands dangling out of his embrace.

It was Yu Minmin.

Gu Jingming was carrying Yu Minmin in his arms. Water was dripping from his body and falling onto the water surface. Both of them were completely wet and they seemed cold when they came out of the water. Gu Jingming returned to the shore with steady steps. With the woman in his arms, every step he took was firm and steady.

All the women on shore were mesmerized again at that sight of Gu Jingming.

How dashing.

He seemed like an untamed merman walking out of the water.

When Gu Jingming carried Yu Minmin and returned to shore, the people crowded around them at once.

Mr. President

How is she, Mr. President?

Gu Jingming frowned and pushed aside those who were walking towards him. Then, he turned around, got on his knees, and gently placed Yu Minmin on the ground.

Yu Minmins face was very pale and she seemed to have lost consciousness.

Fang Zhongmou and Yin Suya stood at the back. When they saw her, Yin Suya gasped in horror with her hand over her mouth, My goodness, what happened to her? Jingming, call the doctor quickly.

Fang Zhongmou said, We need to resuscitate her first. Jingming, let me do it

Because Gu Jingming was the president and even at that moment, Fang Zhongmou instinctively wanted to do it in his place.

After all, he should not let Mr. President do it himself.

However, Gu Jingming held up his hand and said coldly, Dont move. Now, give us some space. I will do it.

A firm order said in a tone that carried a firm attitude no one could defy him. Everyone froze unknowingly at his words and did not dare to disobey him. They moved quickly to give them some space and for more air ventilation.

Gu Jingming then knelt on the ground. Looking at Yu Minmins face, he pinched her cheeks. H gritted his teeth and said with a low voice, Yu Minmin, wake up. You better wake up now.

Yu Minmin laid there motionless and it was as if her body lost all warmth.

Gu Jingming turned back and told Xu Yi, Bring my jacket here.

Xu Yi said, Use mine, He was about to take off his jacket but was stopped by Gu Jingming. I want mine!

Why must it be his?

However, Fang Zhongmou realized it at once. He looked at Gu Jingming. You still care about this at this juncture. He turned and looked at Xu Yi. Alright, Xu Yi. He doesnt want the scent of another man to get on his wife. Go and get his jacket quickly.

Was he for real

Although he could not tolerate Gu Jingming for being so unreasonably overbearing, he still went hurriedly to grab his clothes.

Gu Jingming put the jacket over Yu Minmin before pressing down on her chest.

He pushed her chest twice but there was still no response. He lifted her mouth and performed artificial resuscitation on her.

The crowd watched Gu Jingmings professional movements. He knelt there and from the side, his body was upright and his clothes were completely wet and they stuck on his body. Despite being in the dark, his muscles could be seen clearly through the shirt.

The seductive wet look was completely visible on Gu Jingmings body.

He was so focused on performing artificial resuscitation on Yu Minmin and all the women watching him wished that they were the ones who fell into the water.

Yu Minmin was so fortunate to have received such a close contact resuscitation from Gu Jingming.

Finally, after a few minutes of resuscitation, Yu Minmin spat out a mouthful of water.

She kept coughing and eventually opened her eyes.

Gu Jingming held her up at once.

How are you feeling?

Yu Minmin shook her head and was breathing heavily.

Fang Zhongmou said anxiously, Quick, lets get her in so the doctor can take a look at her.

Gu Jingming nodded his head solemnly.

Yin Suya was shouting from the back. Zhongmou, go and carry her! Jingming, you must be tired, here

Its fine. I will do it. He blocked the person who was next to him and carried Yu Minmin in his arms.



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