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Season 8

Episode 22

(She Had Fallen Into The River)

Yin Suya turned her head around to look at him. Oh, I see. Im not looking for him. Im just wondering why is he not here yet.

Fang Zhongmou shook his head at her.

Then, Gu Jingming arrived at the hall.

Like the brightest star in the sky, he walked towards the crowd and stood on the stage. Everyone gathered in front of the stage. He smiled and said, I would like to thank M Country for their warm hospitality and thank you to all who have come along with me on this trip.

Everyone raised their glasses and looked at Gu Jingming. They were in awe. His few simple sentences appealed to the crowd and surpassed those with long-winded speeches. No one could say exactly why but they felt more secure with this president despite him saying only a few words.

The policies that Gu Jingming had in place were intended to benefit the people in the country. Although there were some minor issues along the way, there were no major repercussions. So compared to all the previous presidents, he was the one who had gained more favor from the people.

Yu Minmin appeared alone at the back. She appeared discreetly and when she looked ahead, she could not find anyone she knew. Thus, she walked around the hall aimlessly, not sure of where to head to.

Gu Jingming probably had not mentioned that she would be coming so her name was not included in the schedule and thus, she did not have much to do there.

Hey, why are you walking around aimlessly on your own? Fortunately, at that moment, Xu Yis voice called out from the back.

She turned her head around and heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing Xu Yi.

I have nowhere to go. Oh right, I wanted to ask what you guys were here for.

Xu Yi said, Oh, I have nothing to do at home. Jingming said he was coming to M Country, so we decided to tag along to take a look. If he went to some small country at the frontier, we would definitely not go with him and suffer. But thinking that its M Country, we thought that we could just tag along to have some fun.

Yu Minmin shook her head. You only know to join the fun.

Why? Do you not like that we are here because we would disrupt your private time with Jingming?

Nonsense, of course not. I didnt want to come in the first place.

On the other side, someone called out, Mrs. President is here.

Yin Suya turned around and she saw Yu Minmin laughing while talking to Xu Yi. They seemed so close that such a sight was offending to the eye. She scanned through the room and heard Gu Jingmings voice at the other side of the room. She took a fruit place and walked over.

Jingming. She called out his name.

Gu Jingming turned around. Suya, whats wrong?

Yin Suya smiled and handed over the fruit plate. Eat some fruits.

Gu Jingming said, Sure, thank you.

Why are you so formal with me? Fruits are the best to deal with jet lag.

Yes. He took a piece and ate it.

Yin Suya smiled and lifted her head to look at him tenderly.

The people around them happened to catch that sight.

They gasped in horror and began whispering among themselves while looking at their direction. Look, its Mr. President and Yin Suya.

They are too open about it, right?

Yin Suya is really something. Even though Mr. President has a wife, shes still not losing out and is even on such good terms with Mr. President. In front of Mrs. President, she is still so chummy with Mr. President.

Yes, I did not expect her to be quite something.

Everyone was still discussing but they never knew that Yu Minmin had been standing behind them the entire time and had heard what they said.

She lifted her head and looked ahead. Indeed, she saw the two of them standing together and chatting away. No wonder people would start gossiping. They seemed very close.

Xu Yi saw it and pulled Yu Minmin away. Thats enough. Why are you looking at them? Theres nothing between Jingming and Suya. Dont listen to what others have been gossiping about.

I didnt

You are still denying it. You should see how your expression changed. I understand Jingming. He will not hook up with other women. Besides, his identity as the president will never allow him to do it. Dont worry. The world is helping you to watch him while hes outside. He wont dare to do it.

Yu Minmin licked the syrup on the cup and shrugged her shoulders at Xu Yi. You are right.

For the sake of his position and power, Gu Jingming would never do something that would ruin his reputation but the closer he got closer to Yin Suya, she became even more anxious. She could only watch him but never win his heart. Hopefully, the heavens would watch over her

Yu Minmin sighed. Xu Yi pulled her and headed outside. Thats enough, why should we care about them? Theres a river there. Lets go over to take a look.

Although the party was very happening, it felt quite meaningless. Yu Minmin followed Xu Yi out and sat by the water. Looking at the water currents, Yu Minmin asked, Do you know what had happened to C Country and Gu family?

Xu Yi asked, Are you referring to Lin Ches matter?

Yu Minmin nodded fervently. Yes, do you know what happened?

Xu Yi replied softly, I knew about it, but Jingming didnt want you to know so he didnt tell you. Dont get involved in this.

When Yu Minmin heard that he also knew about it, she became more anxious, Tell me, whats the current situation? What happened to Gu Jingze? Have they gone to look for Lin Che?

Xu Yi shook his head. Seriously, dont ask me anymore. I really cant tell you.

Not telling me? No, you have to tell me. Gu Jingming is being such a tyrant. He said Im not allowed to know about this, so he captured me here. Now, you are also on his side and refuse to tell me anything.

Yu Minmin sat up from the ground and walked towards the side, Tell me quickly or I will jump into the water. Do you believe me?

Xu Yi was shocked. He got up quickly and said, Dont do anything foolish. I really cant tell you. Come here. We are not sure of how deep the water is, but the currents seem quick. If you jump in and cant get back to shore, I will become the sinner of C Country.

Yu Minmin stood on the rocks and was about to put her feet into the water. She lifted her head and looked at Xu Yi, Tell me quickly, hows the situation now? If not, Im really going to jump in!

Yu Minmins feet were already in the water. The cobblestones below her feet seemed very slippery.

Xu Yi was worried that she would really get into some accident. He scratched his head and looked at Yu Minmin helplessly, Fine, fine, I will tell you but come back. Fine, I will tell you.

Yu Minmin raised her brow.

She had to use some extreme methods. If not, they would think that she could be bullied easily.

However, at this moment

Then, Yu Minmin saw a reflective light.

Quick-witted, she thought of something and quickly dodged to the side.

Her intuition was right, a gun sounded and Yu Minmin felt something brush across her arm, followed by a sharp pain.

This was a small issue but as she dodged, she lost her balance and fell into the icy cold river water



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