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Season 8

Episode 21

(I Would Surrender For Lin Che)

Gu Jingze smiled. Once, you went to C Country without a reason. I got someone to check the place you stayed at and it belonged to Li Mingyu. I thought that it was strange. How could you enter C Country when you have been blacklisted? You wouldnt be able to enter the country through the usual channels. Now that I thought about it, Li Mingyu must have helped you then, right?

Black Eagle grinned and looked at Gu Jingze. But that alone wont help you identify me right? How did you know my identity right away when you saw me?

Gu Jingze looked at the gun in his hand. The gun that you are holding is a unique three-inch gun and theres only one in the world. Its a special type of gun that can fire seven bullets and its recoil is negligible. Its also light and small, making it very suitable for assassination.

Black Eagle took a look at his gun and raised his brow. Indeed, this is my gun. You know a lot and you are very observant as well. No wonder Li Mingyu takes you as his strongest enemy.

Black Eagle said, Then, I believe this trick will not deceive you. The fact that you can still talk to me about guns means that you already know that shes not Lin Che.

Black Eagle pushed the woman to the side and walked towards Gu Jingze. He looked at Gu Jingze and said, You know my character. My style of doing things is ruthless and absolute, so I will make no allowance. This time, Li Mingyu didnt want me to lay a finger on Lin Che, so I didnt bring her here but if you push me to the corner, I will consider turning Lin Che into what you saw just now, regardless of whether Li Mingyu agrees to it. Anyway, I dont want her dead; it doesnt benefit me at all. But, death aside, just by looking at how she bleeds, you should know better than me that it hurts and I know that you cant bear to see her in pain.

Looking at Black Eagle, Gu Jingze knew that he would not hesitate to do what he said.

He asked, What do you want?

Black Eagle said, Surrender. I am only employed right now and my mission is to capture you alive. Once I complete my task, this will no longer be my business anymore. And it seemed like Li Mingyu really didnt want to hurt Lin Che, so you dont have to worry.

Gu Jingze clenched his fist tightly.

Black Eagle smiled at him.

Gu Jingze narrowed his eyes.

Okay, I agree with it.

Gu Jingze took a glance at the woman who was covered in blood.

He did not want to see Lin Che losing a single drop of blood.

He released his fingers slowly and the gun fell onto the ground with a thud.

The people around him heaved a sigh of relief and hurriedly surrounded him. Gu Jingze was eventually caught in the middle and bound up.

After spending the entire day, they finally caught this man.

But they had lost more than half of the brothers and it was not worth it at all.

At the thought of their brothers, a few of them went up to throw him a few punches.

Arent you very powerful? Then, run away now. I almost got killed by you but now, I shall see if you can still remain arrogant.

The hand that was about to throw out a punch was stopped by Black Eagle.

Black Eagle looked at him. Do you think someone like you has the right to hit him? He snorted and his gaze shot out a dark and eerie glint.

Then, the man who wanted to hit Gu Jingze let out a terrible cry. Black Eagle took his hand and broke it as if it was a fragile wooden stick.

He cried out loudly and the rest of the people watched on. They dared not speak a single word but simply looked at Black Eagle and Gu Jingze.

Black Eagle looked at Gu Jingze and said, Lets go then.

Gu Jingze looked at Black Eagle meaningfully and then nodded his head.

When Li Mingyu heard about the news from Black Eagle, he heaved a sigh of relief.

This Gu Jingze was indeed a tough nut to crack.

However, Black Eagle who had many years of experience and an infamous reputation finally subdued Gu Jingze.

That was Black Eagle. He could use whatever means to obtain his target because he had already proven his reputation over all these years.

The reason why Gu Jingze decided to give in was also because of Black Eagle.

Li Mingyu snorted and ordered, Watch Lin Che properly but dont scare her. Im going to meet Gu Jingze.

He smiled and muttered under his breath, Huiling, do you see this? I promised to take revenge for you. In a while, Im going to make Gu Jingze pay for it.

While at M Country.

When Gu Jingmings plane landed, he headed for an event right away.

When they alighted from the plane, Fang Zhongmou and Yin Suya went with Yu Minmin to their accommodation.

Yin Suya looked at Yu Minmin. Work has not been very busy lately, right?

Yu Minmin smiled. Manageable, but yes, we are considerably freer.

Oh, I thought that since you could tag along with Jingming, your company must not be that busy now.

No, Gu Jingming insisted that I must come. If not for him, I would not have come at all. She said nonchalantly.

She was saying the truth.

Indeed, she did not want to come but Gu Jingming insisted that she come along because he did not want her to be involved in Lin Ches matters.

But to Yin Suya, she felt that Yu Minmin was boasting in front of her intentionally.

Yin Suya looked at her and did not want to say anything further.

They went to the hotel that was prepared for them. Yu Minmin went to rest in her room but was then informed to attend a welcome party with everyone in the evening.

The other party was from the West and were more open and initiative. The political figures were also less rigid and stern. Thus, everyone looked forward to the party in the evening.

Yu Minmin had never attended such parties and she never expected to attend her first-ever party together with Gu Jingming.

Gu Jingming dropped by and left hurriedly. He seemed very busy.

He looked at Yu Minmin and simply said, Go by yourself tonight. I have some issues to settle.

Yu Minmin stared at him indignantly. Then you should have let me stay at C Country. Why did you insist that I come along

Gu Jingming looked at her. You are right that something happened to Lin Che. However, you are not able to handle it.

Yu Minmins heart froze. Has she been found? What about Gu Jingze? Does he have a solution?

Gu Jingming took a deep breath. Jingze is gone. He most likely left to look for her.

What? Yu Minmin was shocked when she heard it.

Gu Jingming fixed the button on his suit sleeve. I have already sent people to get Lin Che back through political means but Li Mingyu is fearless so Im afraid that it wont work. But Im still working on it and also tracking down Gu Jingzes whereabouts. Thus, dont be involved in this. Just go and attend the party.

I Yu Minmin watched Gu Jingming walk out of the room. She stood there and thought to herself, She was indeed helpless and could not contribute to the matter at all. However, Lin Che had not safely returned and she got more worried as time passed by.

The party in the evening was held in the outdoor area of the five stars hotel.

The water in the pool glittered under the reflection of light.

The members of the performing troupe were walking around the banquet hall and basking in the honor of being able to attend a national dinner banquet.

Yin Suya was not among them but was standing next to Fang Zhongmou. She was holding onto a glass of wine and her eyes scanned through the hall.

Fang Zhongmou said, Alright, stop looking, Jingming is not here yet. He will only arrive at 8:30 P.M. Hes still in the midst of a discussion with M Countrys president about some problems regarding the economic lifeline.




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