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Season 8

Episode 20

(This Man Is Too Powerful)

The gunshots continued but Gu Jingze avoided them all with ease.

Everyone was cursing in their hearts while they watched the number of their men decreased over time but Gu Jingze was not hurt at all. Thus, the pressure built upon all the men was also reaching the peak point.

In the car.

After Li Mingyu heard about the situation from his men, he burst out yelling, What are you all doing?! There are so many of you, yet you cant even catch a person. Cant help it that they are dead. Useless bunch.

Lin Che was also listening to their conversation. She turned her head to the side and asked, What happened? How did it come to this situation? Is Gu Jingze here? Did he go to the place where we stayed at just now? What are you saying? Is he alone? How could he come alone

The more Lin Che thought about it, she became more worried.

Coming here alone was too dangerous

Li Mingyu looked at Lin Che. Why are you so worked up? Hes still not dead yet. You should only be agitated when hes dead.

You Are you planning to go against the entire Gu family? If you really kill Gu Jingze, the Gu family will not let you off.

If I had to consider that before doing this, I am not Li Mingyu. He snorted.

Lin Ches heart sank.

Lin Che knew that Gu Jingze would not die. He was such a powerful person. How could he get caught so easily? Despite this, she could not help but worry when she heard what Li Mingyu said. Waves of anxiety hit her.

At that moment, Li Mingyu saw her face go pale at his words. He snorted and remarked, Alright, dont worry too much. I didnt say he must die but wait until I catch him. I definitely have some tasks for him. It was difficult to get an opportunity where I get to interact with him in private. I will not let him die so easily.

Upon hearing what he said, Lin Che glared at him.

She sat down and leaned backward calmly. She closed her eyes and said, Li Mingyu, are you really going to do this just for Mo Huiling?

Just? He said, Mo Huiling means nothing to you all. To Gu Jingze, hes gloating over her situation today because he could use this opportunity to get rid of a scammer. He should be very happy right, but to me He narrowed his eyes and looked towards Lin Che. With a firm gaze, he said, Shes a woman who I care about. I would not watch her get to this state and not do anything about it.

Lin Che felt that he was unreasonable. On one hand, he said he loved Mo Huiling but on the other hand, he treated her so badly.

Perhaps, this was exactly what Li Mingyu would do. After all, not everyone was like Gu Jingze.

When she thought of Gu Jingze, she got worried again. She leaned back, looking lethargic and could not bother to reply back to Li Mingyu.

Then, they arrived at a place and Li Mingyu asked her to get out of the car.

She scanned the area and it seemed like a military place. She asked, feeling puzzled, Where is this?

Li Mingyu responded, A Countrys national military zone.


What? I am just borrowing it for a while.

These people were really daring. Did they have to go to such an extent just for a woman?

Lin Che was brought indoors. When Li Mingyu heard that Gu Jingze had yet to be captured, he got so angry that he began kicking whatever he saw before him.

After he had vented his anger, he thought of how difficult it was to deal with Gu Jingze. He took his phone and dialed a number.

Gu Jingze came to A Country but I cant catch him. Im relying on you.

I told you earlier that you have to use extreme measures to deal with Gu Jingze. A person who is passive like you will not be able to do anything. Leave it to me then.

Fine, just dont destroy my house. That place is worth a lot of money, Black Eagle. I trust you not to ruin things for me.

Dont worry. Your house will be safe. I have already thought of a solution to deal with him. Didnt you say that he has a weakness?

This Black Eagle speaking was the leader of the greatest triad gang in A Country.

It was no surprise that Li Mingyu was familiar with him but this time, he had spent a huge sum of money to hire Black Eagle to deal with Gu Jingze.

Black Eagle was going to settle this issue himself. Therefore, the price he set was exceptionally high but it was not a problem to Li Mingyu as long as it was worth it.

He said, Sure, but I do not wish to hurt her.

Could it be you still have feelings for her?

Feelings, my foot! Im not like Gu Jingze who treats women with no respect. Women are meant to dote on and love, not to be used.

Black Eagle laughed in his deep voice but his laughter seemed very dark and ominous.

Dont worry. I have my ways.

Back at the house, the men were still chasing after Gu Jingze but he was nowhere to be found. Their numbers were decreasing but Gu Jingze was not yet hurt at all.

This Gu Jingze, hes really powerful. He appears and vanishes

Is he planning to wipe us out? Are we going to just die here?

Alright, hes giving Young Master Yu a warning. Sigh, I guess this is going to end so badly.

Alright, search quickly. Watching their numbers decreasing, they became low in spirits and were all fearing for their lives. The entire room was filled with an ominous and dark aura.

Then, a gun fired suddenly.

The people in the room fell face down onto the floor immediately.

Gu Jingze jumped off from above and his feet touched the person who was lying on the ground. He saw that the person was dead, so he turned to look at the next one.

He walked while listening to the people in the room and picked up the guns on the floor.

Then, the door flung open.

The Li familys bodyguards had originally given up looking for him. Now that they found him, they quickly surrounded him and began circling around him.

Gu Jingze sneered and looked at the people around him. Do you all think you could catch me like that?

His gaze fell onto the people around him. If you dont wish to die, you better back off now. Otherwise, dont say that I have not given you a chance to live.

Gu Jingze had secretly loaded his gun, he placed his finger on the trigger and was about to lift up the gun when he heard a sound coming from behind the door. The door flung open and he saw a person coming from afar, dragging a womans body. Gu Jingze could not tell whether the woman was alive or dead but she was being dragged along and there was a huge puddle of blood on the ground.

He had never seen those clothes that she was wearing but that stature

Was very similar to Lin Che.

Gu Jingze was taken aback.

The person stood upright and looked at Gu Jingze smugly.

Continue with what you are doing. I know they wont be able to stop you but the moment you fire the gun, I will also shoot her.

That voice was so icy cold as if it had penetrated through the ice that had accumulated for thousands of years from the mountain tops.

When he said this, the small and exquisite gun in his hand was already pointing at the womans body.

Gu Jingze looked at him. Black Eagle When did you become Li Mingyus lackey?

Black Eagle froze for a moment. He looked at Gu Jingze whose face was pale and indiscernible. It was probably because he had just recovered from a major illness and was still feeling weak, yet at the same time, his expression was very cold.

You know that its me?

Gu Jingze had never met Black Eagle.

In fact, there were very few people who had seen Black Eagle.





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