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Season 8

Episode 19

(It Is So Difficult To Catch Him)

These women are truly plain, useless, and completely ignorant.

He scoffed, You think shes like you superficial and greedy girls? Hmph, You girls are completely ignorant of who she is. Shes just a celebrity? Shes worth so much more than all of you here. Scram off. If you dont, then you will bear the consequences

As he spoke, he kicked the face of the woman on the ground.

She was just slapped on the face and it became swollen. She continued to cry in pain while she was on the ground. The corners of her lips and eyes were starting to bleed.

Everyone was shocked and they rushed out of the room immediately. Nobody dared to turn around for another look.

Lin Che watched these women swarming into and out of the room. She shrugged her shoulders and felt more refreshed when the room was cleared of people.

Li Mingyu felt more at ease too. He took in a deep breath and told Lin Che, Alright, lets go. I will take you to another place to rest.

Lin Che asked, taken aback, What are you doing? Where are you taking me?

Li Mingyu said, Im taking you to a fun place.

Hey, did something happen to Gu Jingze? Why are you taking me away all of a sudden?

Lin Che, are you going to listen to me obediently or do you want me to make you listen to me obediently?

You Lin Che glared at him angrily.

But when she thought about it again, she had no choice but to obey him.

She could only curse him in her heart, Suffer a terrible death, you pervert, hmph.

However, she could only follow Li Mingyu obediently.

Seeing Lin Che stomping off angrily, Li Mingyu caught up with her and laughed, Dont run. What are you angry about? I was just worried that you would be bored here.

Actually, Li Mingyu was intending to take Lin Che away from the current accommodation.

He told his servant to get the car ready and he wanted to leave immediately.

The car was leaving slowly.

At the back.

The beauties who were standing at the door were crying while they packed their things. They were also scolding and cursing Lin Che.

She just came here and shes already so arrogant. Mm she even chased us away. I dont want to leave this place.

Young Master Yu must have been bewitched by her. He will think of us soon.

This is ridiculous. He even said that all of us could not compare to Lin Che alone.

However, at this moment

Suddenly, a sound came from the ceiling.

They froze for a moment and lifted their heads to look at the ceiling.

What was that sound?

As they spoke, a crashing sound suddenly came from the ceiling.

A black shadow jumped off the ceiling cooly.

He landed smoothly with a knee on the ground and stood up.

The women in the room were mesmerized by the persons stunning looks at once. They could not remove their eyes from him.

Where did this man with a god-like appearance come from? He had such a tall build and dashing appearance. He wore tight-fitting linen trousers, paired with a plain grey denim jacket. His shoes had black blades on it and he was carrying a thick and big black gun.

His cold appearance was as if he was a messenger of the dark night, giving off hellish aura wherever he went. His deep pupils shot a murderous gaze, sending chills down peoples spines as if they were in an icy cave.

Suddenly, he looked towards one of the women and asked, I heard you all mentioned Lin Che just now. What happened to her?

The women were shocked.

They held onto each other for support so that they could take another look at the man before them.

What a good-looking man! However, he gave off an icy aura that made it so difficult for people to get closer to him. Just a look at him sent chills down ones spine. Moreover, he entered the room by jumping off the ceiling while armed with a gun and the women were very frightened.

No Nothing much We were saying, she was a woman which Young Master Yu brought in recently

Where is she? The man asked impatiently.

She, just

Before the woman could complete her sentence, the door burst open.

Li Mingyus men heard a commotion in the room. They burst through the door and saw what had happened.

Someone recognized the man immediately.

Gu Jingze, quick! Gu Jingze is here.

All the men swarmed into the room.

Just as he finished speaking, the sound of a gunshot rang a few times.

The man who stood at the front had not expected Gu Jinze to fire the gun right away without any hesitation.

A few men collapsed onto the ground.

Then, a black figure dashed out of the room at lightning speed.

Hurry, chase him! Dont let Gu Jingze escape!

Gu Jingze jumped onto the table at once, followed by a backflip. His kick landed the people behind him on the ground and the others fell down like the domino effect.

Although he was alone, it was clear that he was no easy target.

More men came swarming into the house and were firing their guns in Gu Jingzes direction.

However, Gu Jingze managed to avoid all the bullets. They could only watch him jump up the windowsill and slide down a rope. In the blink of an eye, he jumped off the third story.

Chase him!

A series of gunshots could be heard and then sounds of people running and fighting followed.

It did not take long before Gu Jingze disappeared again.

The men combed the entire house but could not find Gu Jingze.

Did he turn into a housefly and fly away?

A few of them searched through again and they looked into every possible spot of that huge manor but there was no Gu Jingze insight.

Damn it, this Gu Jingze. Hes so difficult to deal with.

A man carried his gun while he walked around the area, cursing Gu Jingze while he searched around the place.

If hes easy to deal with, hes not Gu Jingze. Thats why Young Master Yu was so guarded against him and even left earlier.

Damn it, I almost died under his gun just now. I thought he was shooting me but it turned out to be the one next to me.

He didnt even want to shoot you in the first place. If he did, you wouldnt be alive. He has perfect shooting skills. Didnt you see that the guys were all killed with just one shot? Gu Jingze did not even want to waste a bullet on you.

He snorted and was about to speak but he felt a dark and icy figure behind him.

He shuddered and raised his hands quickly.

However, his buddy opposite him raised his gun at once.

Before he could straighten the gun for firing, Gu Jingze had fired his from the back.

Watching his buddy killed in front of him, the person got even more frightened. He pleaded, Dont shoot, dont

Tell me, where did Li Mingyu take Lin Che to? Gu Jingzes cold voice was like a robot and there was no warmth in his tone. It made one feel frightened and uncomfortable. Gu Jingze sounded extremely cruel.

We really have no idea. Im not lying. Young Master Yu has many hideouts like the wily hare with three burrows. He has so many more that we would never know where he went.

Gu Jingze sneered.

It seems like theres no point keeping anyone here. Since none of you know anything, its useless to keep you guys then.

The gun fired again.

Gu Jingze lowered his head to look for something to wipe for the blood on his gun. Then, he picked up the guns on the floor.

Behind him, more men were rushing in after they heard the gun sound.

Gu Jingze jumped out of the window again.



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