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Season 8

Episode 18

(What About Gu Jingze)

Upon hearing Gu Jingzes name, Lin Che shuddered. He tugged at him. What about Gu Jingze?

Li Mingyu immediately slapped that person.

His subordinate hastily bowed and took a step back. He stayed still and did not dare to speak.

Li Mingyu grunted and turned to Lin Che. Alright, why are you so agitated? Go back to your room. Whether he comes looking for you will have to depend on whether he truly cares for you. Thus, there is no use in getting anxious. Just relax here and enjoy a peaceful life. Isnt that good?

Hey, tell me whats happening to him please Li Mingyu, Im here anyway and I cant do anything even if I know about it. Lin Che was really anxious. She couldnt hold herself back once she heard Gu Jingzes name.

However, Li Mingyu still ushered her out. Youll panic even more if you know. Id rather you not think about it anymore. Come, you guys. Please escort Miss Lin back.

When Lin Che was out, the door was shut in front of her face.

You Li Mingyu, just you wait.

Lin Che was locked out. Li Mingyu took a deep breath and straightened his clothes. He looked behind at the place where Mo Huiling was. He then said to his subordinate, Come in and tell me.


The subordinate said, Sir, Gu Jingze already left C Nation, but we dont know where hes headed to.

Li Mingyu asked, Left? When?

According to our sources, Gu Jingze fell out with Gu Xiande and left immediately. Nobody knows where he went after that.

Li Mingyu paused. This Gu Jingze He was very sly. Nobody knew where he was. Perhaps he was really making his way here quietly to rescue Lin Che.

In that case, his deductions were wrong

Outside, Lin Che cursed and swore along the way.

Stupid Li Mingyu. Idiot. I hope the instant noodles you have in the future will have no seasonings. Sigh, but he doesnt look like he eats instant noodles. Then, I wish you a terrible death. Hmph.

The people behind heard this and broke out in cold sweat.

Just then, a woman suddenly stood in front of her.

Lin Che halted.

That woman looked Lin Che up and down, Hey, whats up? Did you just go to see Young Master Yu?

Lin Che looked at her. None of your damn business.

Lin Che couldnt be bothered to deal with this woman when she was in a foul mood.

The woman said, You What did you say? None of my Hmph, youre right. You are Li Mingyus pet now and you even dare to scold Young Master Yu. Why would you care about us? However, let me tell you this. Dont be so arrogant here. Young Master Yu will only dote on you for a few days. Did you think you could become the Young Madam of this place? Hmph, why dont you take a look in the mirror?

Lin Che scoffed coldly and stood in a firm posture. You may like to be someones side chick, but I dont. Dont think that everyone cares about your Young Master Yu like you. Get lost. If you dont move, Ill make you.

Ha, what big words. Did you think that using this tactic will win Young Master Yus attention? You went to crash his personal space just now and you got chased out, didnt you? Ha, there are plenty of rules here and you are still a fledgling here.

Without saying a word, Lin Che slapped her.

The woman looked up. She withdrew her own hand as she looked at Lin Che who had her hands up. Anger was written all over her face. You dare to hit me, you She lunged at Lin Che. However, Lin Che did not need to lift a finger. A bodyguard behind her stepped forward and tripped the woman, making her fall to the ground.

The other women who gathered behind to watch initially wanted to cheer that woman on. Upon seeing this, they all gasped.

Ah She was hit

Oh, my! Who is this woman? How could she dare to hit someone here?

What a violent woman. Young Master Yu actually treats her so well and assigns bodyguards to her.

Someone inform Young Master Yu. Get rid of this wild woman!

That woman on the ground starting to agonize.

However, a voice came from behind.

Someone asked, Who is causing a ruckus here?

Li Mingyu was out. Looking at the scene now, his dark face darkened further like dark and stormy clouds.

The woman got up from the ground and ran towards Li Mingyu without hesitation.

Young Master Yu. She Shes new here but shes bullying us. This is getting out of hand

She wanted to use this opportunity to get close to Li Mingyu again. If she could get him to notice her again, that would be better.

As she thought this, she appeared more coquettish.


Li Mingyu was not angry because Lin Che hit someone. It was because

He turned around and slapped her loudly.

Compared to Lin Ches slap, this one was clearly rougher. The woman fell to the ground and a bruise formed on her face.

The entire floor was still. Everyone seemed to stop breathing. Not a word was spoken.

Li Mingyu scoffed, A bunch of leeches. What do you think you all are? You dare to compare yourself to Lin Che and pick on her?

Everybodys heart immediately shattered.

How did they all become leeches?

However, that was exactly what Li Mingyu thought.

He went to Lin Ches side and looked at her. Are you okay?

Lin Che replied, I was scared out of my wits.

She didnt like these people anyway. Thus, she was not polite at all. She said, That is why I told you that theres no point in keeping so many people. Youre just piling on annoyance.

When everyone heard that, each one of them had a murderous look on their faces.

What did this woman mean? She only just came here and she already wanted to get rid of them?

However, nobody expected Li Mingyu to really look across the women around him.

Usually, they were interesting to him. Today, the more he looked at them, the more he thought that they were disgusting and boring. He glanced at them with annoyance and said, Youre right. Men, get rid of all these people. I dont want to see any woman here today.

He looked at Lin Che and smiled, Of course, except you.

Hey, please dont. Im not your woman.

Yes yes, I dont have many either. However, you are Gu Jingzes woman and my guest. He smiled at her as he heard the agonizing voices of the women behind.

They wailed, Young Master Yu, dont abandon us just like this.

Young Master Yu, we are solely devoted to you.

Young Master Yu, I cant bear to leave you.

Young Master Yu, this woman is an evil witch. Dont be cheated by her. She is just a celebrity and we can do everything that she can do. We wont disappoint you, really.

Li Mingyu scoffed. He turned around and said coldly, You want to compare yourself to her? You need to be qualified enough.



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