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Season 8

Episode 17

(Sir Gu Jingze He)

They were extremely polite to her and it did not seem like they were the ones keeping an eye on her.

Over there, the people who heard the movement came out in advance.

They saw Lin Che come out with four women at her sides.

Ever since Lin Che moved in, they knew about it but never knew exactly who it was. Now that they finally saw Lin Che out here, every one of them turned to look.

Hey, I think Ive seen her somewhere before.

Shes a celebrity, a C Nation celebrity. Of course, youve seen her.

Ha, she looks normal. Why does she get such special treatment with maids dedicated to tending to her?

They thought that the ones following Lin Che were maids.

Lin Che glanced at them and could not be bothered with them. The women who could be sheltered here were on a different path from her. She considered asking for their help, but it looked like it wouldnt be enough.

It was better to look for Li Mingyu first.

However, the group saw that Lin Che didnt even look them in the eyes and grew angrier. They all thought that this new woman was so arrogant.

Lin Che headed outside and realized that this place was rather huge. She couldnt tell that Li Mingyu had great wealth in A Nation. No wonder he didnt feel pressure providing for so many women.

Hey, where did your Sir go? Lin Che asked the beauties behind him.

They looked like they wouldnt talk. They only looked down.

Lin Che kicked a stool by her foot, I want to see Li Mingyu. Go get him for me.

She was the first woman who threw a tantrum here so openly. Everyone did not dare to say anything and was stunned. They looked at her as someone already quickly went to report to Li Mingyu. Some also wondered if she was going crazy.

After all, Li Mingyu just brought back a lunatic previously. Perhaps their sir had a change in taste recently.

However, Lin Che never looked at anyone else as she ventured further out.

Very soon, she found a place with nobody around. Since she was with Gu Jingze for a long time, she knew a lot more about what these wealthy people liked. She instinctively thought that this place was probably blocked off by Li Mingyu. She wanted to go in but was stopped at the door.

Lin Che glared at the people in front of her. You guys dare to stop me? Im a VIP guest invited by Li Mingyu, right? I want to see him now and I want to go in. If you hold me back, arent you afraid that Ill tell Li Mingyu?

The few people did not budge as they looked at her.

Lin Che grunted and asked the four beauties behind her, Tell me, what is your purpose here? Its to protect me, right?

The four beauties nodded.

Although they had to keep an eye on Lin Che, Li Mingyu also instructed them to keep her safe. She could not have a single scratch on her.

Lin Che smiled, Watch them. If these guys dare to do anything to me, you dont have to stand on ceremony either.

The beauties froze. They didnt think that Lin Che would end up pitting Li Mingyus people against themselves.

As Lin Che spoke, she continued stepping forward and the people in front were prepared to block her. The beauties behind her quickly rushed forward. They looked at the ladies and did not dare to go against them. They heard these ladies were brought in at an extremely high price. Each one of them was outstanding and to assign these ladies to this woman showed that this woman was also not ordinary.

In the end, they decided to let Lin Che in.

Lin Che grunted and went in. The further she went in, the more she could hear some strange noises.

It seemed to be Li Mingyus angry voice and a woman crying.

If she doesnt want to eat, force it down her throat. Why did I hire you guys?

Lin Che walked in confused and then she saw

Mo Huiling was lying on the ground and crying. Li Mingyu sat at the side. Some of his men saw Mo Huiling cry and they grabbed her hair and began stuffing food into her mouth.

Mo Huilings belly was already big and she looked so ugly lying there. Lin Che almost couldnt recognize her.

This is Li Mingyu, what are you doing?

Li Mingyu heard her. He turned around to see that Lin Che was in here. He froze in surprise, frowned, and then asked, What are you doing here?

He walked over to Lin Che and ushered her out, Go. Outside.

Lin Che was really speechless. Didnt he love Mo Huiling? Didnt he want to avenge her? What was going on now?

She still thought that Mo Huiling was very lucky for Li Mingyu to bring her here for treatment.

Hey, you havent told me what exactly is going on with her. What are you trying to do? She is pregnant. How can you treat her this way?

Li Mingyu looked at her. Isnt she your enemy? Shouldnt you be happy seeing her in this state?

Lin Che said, Oh please. I never regarded anyone as an enemy. It was never that serious. I do hate her and her life has nothing to do with me, but to see someone become like that I will feel regretful. Furthermore, what enemy? It had always been her own imagination and she was looking for trouble herself. Im not involved.

Li Mingyu said, She is in this state also because of Gu Jingze. She is crazy now and Im only doing this because I want her to eat and undergo treatment. This is all Gu Jingzes fault, understood? He is the real hypocrite.

Lin Che replied, He only likes to make things clear. Hes not like what you think at all.

Ha, he draws whatever line he pleases and Im the vicious one here?

Of course. At least Gu Jingze wont keep so many women at home and enjoy the fun of having a harem.

Li Mingyu smiled, Im being benevolent. Just take a look. Any woman who had been with me are all eating well. Gu Jingze, on the other hand, had only one woman who turned out like this. The next one will be you and youre still so triumphant.

Lin Che thought that she really could not get through to him. She shook his head. Dont care about the future. To treat one another with sincerity when youre together is what matters the most. When youre with so many women, they will remember the good things about you. However, theyll also say that its only because youre rich. Without money, youre nothing. This is why Mo Huiling ended up in this state and she still wants Gu Jingze. It is not just because he is rich, but its also because they had real feelings when he was with her. Thus, no matter what happens to me in the future, Ill remember how well he treated me and only me. As long as he was true to me, that is enough.


Li Mingyu chuckled and shook his head, How naive.

Just then, someone suddenly came and said, Sir, its Gu Jingze. He just...




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