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Season 8

Episode 16

(Li Mingyu Has Many Women Here)

Thinking about it, if she hadn’t accidentally met Gu Jingming, would she have been single for life since she never had time to know or date people?. Or otherwise, she might have ended up spending the rest of her life with a hypocrite like Feng Shaoqing.

Gu Jingming looked at her and suddenly asked, “Then… If you met me really early on, you might have fallen for me?”

“…” Yu Minmin looked at Gu Jingming in surprise.

Fallen for him?

To fall for a man like him was also a possibility. After all, he was so handsome.

However, it was unlikely that she would really like him. He was so high and mighty. She knew that it was impossible, but why did she still fall for him?

However, Gu Jingming saw the surprise, hesitation and despite on Yu Minmin’s face. He thought that she didn’t like him.

She didn’t like his type?

Gu Jingming clenched his teeth loudly.

She didn’t like him…

Gu Jingming put down the book in his hands and pulled Yu Minmin over.

“Hey hey hey, what are you doing… Gu Jingming, we’re in a plane…”

Yu Minmin quickly pushed against Gu Jingming.

The people behind saw this and already retreated understandingly.

Gu Jingming held Yu Minmin down and first licked her lips. He felt her trying to avoid him. He released her and reached out to touch her lips. He looked at her, smiled, and went down on her lips again. She still was not willing and she shut her lips tight, not allowing him to enter.

He forced his way in.

She gasped for air as he slowly released her. Her face was flushed and had **** written all over it. He then smiled and asked, “Is this not liking me?”

Yu Minmin looked angrily at Gu Jingming’s triumphant smirk.

This was liking her?

Obviously, he was intentionally teasing her!

On the outside…

Fang Zhongmou saw the people standing outside. He asked quizzically, “Why aren’t you servicing them inside? What are you all standing outside here?”

The staff pointed inside and warmth filled their faces. They pointed and then snickered.

Fang Zhongmou froze and then understood.

He immediately turned around to go check on Yin Suya.

Yin Suya indeed looked unhappy, especially when she stood there just now and heard Yu Minmin’s angry yell.

“Gu Jingming!”

Fang Zhongmou also didn’t expect Yu Minmin to be so brazen and call Gu Jingming by his full name.

At this moment.

A voice came from the inside.

“Who’s outside?” Gu Jingming asked.

“Oh, it’s me, Jingming. Suya and I,” Fang Zhongmou said.

“Come in.”

Fang Zhongmou turned around to look at Yin Suya and then pulled her in with him.

Yin Suya hesitated and stepped in.

The two of them inside were already seated properly. However, Fang Zhongmou and Yin Suya noticed that Yu Minmin’s lips were suspiciously red and swollen. It was obvious that they had just been ravaged.

And the one who ravaged them…

It was needless to say. It must have been Gu Jingming, the one sitting there.

Yin Suya clenched her hands subtly as she looked at Yu Minmin. She walked towards them and smiled, “Madam, I didn’t expect you to be here too so I didn’t get to say hello.”

Yu Minmin also smiled, “He dragged me here. I wasn’t supposed to be included in the journey.”

Gu Jingming beamed as he looked at her. His gaze was relaxed and happy, giving her a sense of security.

Yin Suya saw this and also felt the same way. Her heart tightened.

In A Nation, Lin Che stayed in Li Mingyu’s house and saw that there were plenty of beautiful ladies also staying together with him. She couldn’t help but feel rather disgusted.

The maids took care of Lin Che. In the beginning, they thought that Lin Che was one of those ladies. However, they were informed to take good care of Lin Che and ensure that no harm came to her.

The maids were thus very curious. They looked at Lin Che and remembered that she was a big celebrity in C Nation. Many people in A Nation also knew her name, but she was not as famous here.

Thus, the maids still thought that maybe it was also because she was such a special person, so she received special treatment and they were requested to look after her well.

Lin Che leaned against her seat as she ate and watched TV. Four girls watched from the outside. She had no access to her phone or the Internet and felt really bored out of her mind. She saw the news about Gu Jingming going on an international visit and thought about Yu Minmin. She wondered if Yu Minmin knew that she was here.

This was a different kind of kidnapping. It was more like house arrest. It made one anxious but helpless at the same time. She might as well have been more reckless. However, she was pregnant so she didn’t dare to make any big movements for her child’s sake.

She worried that she was being monitored on camera in the room, so even when there was no one around, she always told herself to not reveal any signs of her pregnancy.

Thankfully, the baby was still in its early stages so it really looked like there was no difference.

Lin Che saw a maid enter and heard some chatter outside. She asked, “What’s going on outside?”

The maid replied, “Oh, Miss Lin, some girls just came back from shopping and they’re chatting.”

Lin Che looked at the maid quizzically. “Why are these people staying here?”

The maid said, “Miss, our Sir is very generous. As long as it’s Sir’s woman, they can move in. They can stay here if they don’t want to move out. They all came here willingly and they can decide to leave whenever they want.”

“Ha… This is called generous… Do they not care either?”

“Why would they? Our Sir is so nice.”

“So many women sharing one man. They actually don’t care either?”

The maid looked at Lin Che in surprise. She came here with Li Mingyu and still dared to ask this question? She still dared to care that Li Mingyu had so many women? She was really brazen.

“Of course. A good man like our Sir is rare to come by. For them to be able to follow Sir is already their huge fortune. No rich man does not have plenty of women. Our Sir is so loving and nice to every woman.”

Initially, Lin Che thought that Li Mingyu was still a good guy since he loved Mo Huiling so much although he was a little disgusting. However, all she felt for him now was disgust.

Lin Che did not leave the room the entire day and she did not see Li Mingyu. She wanted to ask Li Mingyu how things were so that she could at least have some information and know what was happening with Gu Jingze.

Thus, she jumped off from the bed and headed to find him.

The maids did not dare to stop her. Outside, the four beautiful bodyguards followed her out.



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