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Season 8

Episode 15

(She Was On The Same Plane)

The plane that was selected for the trip was the President’s private jet. It was a huge one that accommodated the entire performing troupe.

The performing troupe had sixty members and they were seated at the passenger cabin at the back of the jet while Gu Jingming and Yu Minmin sat at the front together with the convoy.

By the looks of it, they must have arranged for this trip beforehand. It did not seem like it was a last-minute decision.

Yu Minmin thought to herself, It seemed like Gu Jingming decided to bring her along at the very last minute to prevent her from poking into other people’s matters.

Yu Minmin looked at the name “Yin Suya” on the list.

So Gu Jingming had already planned to bring Yin Suya on this trip before he asked Yu Minmin.

Now that she came, was she getting in their way?

At that moment, one of the staff knocked on the door and came in. Looking at Gu Jingming and Yu Minmin, she said, “The airplane has taken off safely. The troupe is ready and awaiting your appearance.”

Gu Jingming looked at Yu Minmin. “Let’s go over together.”

Yu Minmin said, “For what?”

When the staff saw her response, she smiled and explained, “Madam, it’s just the usual procedure of greeting the troupe members who came on this trip together.”

Yu Minmin replied with an “oh” and could only agree to it and went over to the passenger cabin with Gu Jingming.


Everyone was already in their seats. It was a privilege to be able to ride on Mr. President’s private jet. This time, the performing troupe was going to perform at the military zones and represent C Country on a diplomatic meeting. They were going to put up a classic performance together with the troupe of another country.

“Mr. President is here.”

Everyone rose to their feet. Before them, a young president walked towards them with firm, steady steps. He walked into the cabin and behind him was Yu Minmin and other staff members.

What a grand presence he had. Everyone on the plane became very excited when they saw him.

“Hello everyone. Thank you for your hard work.” Gu Jingming smiled and said. His gaze scanned through the room and eventually rested on Yin Suya.

Yin Suya stood at the back. She looked at Gu Jingming and was about to give him a smile when she saw Yu Minmin standing next to him.

Why did she come along…

Previously, they mentioned that Gu Jingming would be going on the trip alone.

That was the reason why she decided to come along.

Yin Suya took a glance at Yu Minmin and smiled at her.

Yu Minmin froze when she saw Yin Suya smiling at her. She quickly smiled back at her.

Then, Yu Minmin noticed another two people, Fang Zhongmou and Xu Yi.

It had been a long while before she saw the two of them. Xu Yi saw Yu Minmin first and greeted her enthusiastically, but was then pulled to the side by Fang Zhongmou.

Yu Minmin could only smile back when she saw Yin Suya smiling at her.

After Gu Jingming gave his speech, he smiled and concluded, “If you need anything, feel free to inform the staff members.” Then he turned around and saw Yu Minmin and Xu Yi exchanging glances at each other. Frowning at this sight, he grabbed Yu Minmin’s hand and whispered in her ears, “Continue looking at him. Your eyes are going to pop out soon.”

Exchanging glances with another man in front of her husband… she truly had the guts to do so.

Especially when many people were looking at them.

Yu Minmin said, “I’m just saying hi.”

However, she was still pulled out of the cabin.

Yu Minmin thought, Seriously, he was being such a tyrant. He had already towed her along on this trip and now, he even forbade her to talk to another person.

Everyone watched Gu Jingming and Yu Minmin leave together and only sat down when they were told to do so.

“I didn’t expect Mr. President to bring his wife along on this trip. I thought he was coming alone. I heard that their relationship isn’t that great, but it doesn’t seem so because I saw them holding hands just now.”

“Yes, his face was so close to her when they were talking. He looked so overbearing yet gentle and loving at the same time. Being the President’s wife is so blissful.”

“Yes, I heard she came from a very plain background and she is just an ordinary person. But now, life is good for her. She can take the President’s private jet and enjoy a presidential suite. They said that there are a bed and a restaurant at the front. It might be small but it’s exceptionally luxurious. I’m not sure if it’s true though.”

“Alright, she’s already living in the Glass Palace. How does a plane match up to that?” Another person replied.

That person sighed in exclamation, “You see, I told my parents that I’m going to take the President’s private jet. They were so overjoyed that they began to go around telling people. That’s why I could only sigh in amazement.”

Yin Suya stood at the side and laughed. She stood and scoffed at those people in her heart.

What an ignorant bunch.

At that moment, Yin Suya stood up and everyone stared at her in puzzlement.

They watched Yin Suya as she walked towards Fang Zhongmou and Xu Yi.

“Both of you are not going to the front for a look? Why are the two of you staying here?” She asked.

Fang Zhongmou stood up and said, “Do you want to go and take a look? Is it because of Yu Minmin…”

Yin Suya laughed and replied, “What are you thinking about? We are good friends now. Can’t we just meet when we want to?”

When Fang Zhongmou heard this, he said, “Alright, let’s go then. Come with us, Xu Yi. Let’s go over together.”

Xu Yi said, “I don’t want to go. There are so many beautiful ladies here. Why should I go there and watch them be all lovey-dovey?”

Yin Suya’s heart sank when she heard his words.

She knew that Xu Yi did not say it to spite her but if another person did not know about their situation previously, he or she would have taken his words as a form of warning.

Fang Zhongmou glared at him and told Yin Suya, “Let’s go Suya. I’m coming with you.”

Yin Suya looked at Xu Yi as he folded his legs and began reading the newspaper.

She said, “Forget about him. Let’s go over.”

Yin Suya was still seated together with the performing troupe a while ago, but now, she was heading to the front with Fang Zhongmou openly.

Fang Zhongmou led the way. They passed through the President’s convoy and headed to the President’s cabin.

Everyone began talking among themselves. Someone said, “Did you know what kind of relationship Yin Suya has with the president?”

“What relationship?”

“I heard that the two of them were together before, but now, Mr. President married another woman.”

“Wow, this is breaking news. She’s so courageous. She’s still making her way to the front when Mrs. President is around.”

“Look at how she’s getting close to the president so openly. The position of Mrs. President is at stake.”

Everyone could not help but keep discussing it.

While at the front cabin.

After Gu Jingming took Yu Minmin back to their cabin, he looked at Yu Minmin and said, “Stay away from Xu Yi!”

Yu Minmin said, “I didn’t know he would be here. Besides, isn’t he your friend? You brought him, yet you are warning me to stay away from him. It’s as if I brought him here.”

Gu Jingming frowned, “All because of your bad record previously, don’t forget you were almost duped by that man whom you used to have a liking for if it wasn’t for me!”

“Hey!” Yu Minmin’s heart clenched whenever someone mentioned about that incident. She felt very disgusted.

Yu Minmin retorted, “That was just an accident. Besides, I don’t even like him. I merely admired him when we were younger. After all, do you think everyone is like you? Having lots of people’s admiration and love… I didn’t have that much of a choice when I was young. There were only so many guys around me. He was one of the better ones.



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