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Season 8

Episode 14

(No One Is Allowed To Interfere With It)

Gu Jingze’s steps came to a halt.

Gu Xiande’s eyes rested on Gu Jingze’s back. Gu Xiande stood there with a sharp expression and anger so clearly shown on his face that the wrinkles became deeper and more visible. His expression was terrifying.

Gu Jingze’s gaze was fixed at the view outside the window. His great aura could be felt and the bodyguards did not dare to move another inch.

Gu Jingze shook his head. Then, while clenching his fist, he headed outside without looking back.

“You… Jingze… Jingze…” Gu Xiande hit his walking stick hard on the floor. He wanted to take another step forward but staggered. Fortunately, he was holding onto his walking stick or else he would have fallen onto the ground.

His servant held onto him quickly.

“Old Master…”

“Old master… The Second Young Master…”

His servant asked in a worried tone.

Gu Xiande was very furious and deeply disappointed at the same time. He looked out of the window and his gaze darkened, “Forget it. Let’s go back. Let him leave and perish on his own. Let him die on his own!”

A few of his servants had to carry him back to the car.

Upon entering the car, he coughed hard into his handkerchief.

Sure enough, when he looked at the handkerchief, there were bloodstains on it and they were exceptionally striking on the white handkerchief.

He clutched onto the handkerchief and looked out of the window.

Little Che, don’t blame Grandfather for being so cruel… It’s because… Grandfather was worried that I do not have much time left.

But, this Jingze, he was going to give up everything at Gu family for a woman. And even going against his own grandfather, this…

Gu Xiande felt that the years he had spent on grooming Gu Jingze were all in vain.

Still, what was more hateful was Li Mingyu who dared to go against the Gu family. Unfortunately, this fellow started everything from scratch on his own and had no backings, so he was fearless to go against the Gu family.

This matter would not be easy to resolve…

At Lin Che’s work studio.

Yu Minmin looked at Abi. “So…. you came back together with Gu Jingze?”

“Yes, Gu Jingze went to settle this matter but Lin Che had already been taken to A Country. Gu Jingze said we should not act rashly. No matter how fast he tries to get there, it would not beat the speed of Li Mingyu’s gun. He doesn’t want to put Lin Che in danger.”

Yu Minmin said, “This Mo Huiling… she’s already on the verge of the cliff, yet she still wants to drag people down together with her. Now that Lin Che is pregnant, I’m worried that she might meet danger. What shall we do?”

“I have also asked my father for help. He will inform his men to watch over Lin Che. If there’s any situation, he will inform us immediately.”

“Alright. Then I will head back first to ask Gu Jingming about the situation at the Gu family.”

They parted ways to take action on their part. Just as Yu Minmin stepped out of the door, she was surrounded by a few bodyguards.

“Did something happen?” Yu Minmin asked, feeling puzzled.

The bodyguards informed, “Mr. President said, it is not that safe lately and ordered us to step up on security.”

Yu Minmin simply replied with an “oh” and hurriedly took the car back to Glass Palace.

At Glass Palace, Gu Jingming had just met up with the Prime Minister and was walking towards Yu Minmin.

Yu Minmin went up to him and asked, “Did something happen? Why did you have to step up on security?”

Gu Jingming shot her a glance. “Yes, there’s an enemy against Gu family. I don’t want to implicate you into this.”


“Li Mingyu.”

Yu Minmin was taken aback. Hearing what Gu Jingming said, she asked anxiously, “So, regarding Lin Che, what did the Gu family say?”

Gu Jingming turned back and said, “You better not get involved in this.”

“That’s impossible. Tell me quickly. What’s the situation now?”

“Regarding this issue, we will deal with it.”

“No, I am worried about Lin Che… Are things very serious now, so…”

“She’s fine,” Gu Jingming interrupted her. “It’s Jingze.”

Yu Minmin froze again.

Gu Jingming looked at Yu Minmin and said, “Alright, don’t think about this anymore. Also, don’t go anywhere these few days.”

Yu Minmin said, “No, I still have work to settle in the office.”

“Put them aside for now. You will be going on diplomatic meetings with me.”

“Diplomatic meetings again? Then… let me go and settle my own matters. I have to at least hand them over to someone else.” The truth was she wanted to know how Lin Che was doing, but since he would not tell her anything, she could ask someone else, such as Gu Jingyu.

However, Gu Jingming saw through her intentions at once.

“What matters do you have? I will go with you. Let’s go, we will go and prepare now.”


Yu Minmin looked at him angrily.

He would do whatever it takes so that she would not be involved in these matters.

But she was truly very worried.

She said, “I… I have to at least return home and inform my parents right? Initially, I intended to attend a relative’s wedding. How can I just leave at the last minute?”

“I will go with you.” Gu Jingming simply said.

“What… You…”

Gu Jingming did as he said and went home together with Yu Minmin right away.

When Yu Minmin entered the house, she turned back and looked at Gu Jingming. Then, she hurriedly informed her mother, “I am leaving the country for a few days. I won’t be able to attend Second Aunt’s child’s wedding with you.”

Yu’s mother said, “It’s alright. Go do your own things. I intended to go by myself at first.”

Yu’s father was displeased, “Seriously, you have already agreed on giving a speech at the wedding. Now that you say you are not going, what’s going on?”

Yu Minmin said, “I can’t believe that you are talking about this now.” She quickly called her brother, “This is Gu Jingyu’s number. Don’t let anyone know about it. Give him a call and tell him to contact me. Say that it concerns Lin Che’s matter, do you hear me?”

Her brother exclaimed, “Wow, it can’t be right, Gu Jingyu’s phone number…”

“Shhh, don’t you dare leak this out, do you hear me?”

“Fine…” He sighed sadly but upon seeing Gu Jingming coming through the door, he shut his mouth immediately.

“Mr. President…”

“Aiyo, Mr. President, you are here. Minmin, why didn’t you tell us earlier that Mr. President is here?”

Gu Jingming looked at her parents, “I came with her to say goodbye to both of you. We are going away for a diplomatic meeting.”

Yu Minmin said, “My dad said that I have not attended the weddings before. Weddings are no trivial matters. They are our relatives. Why not go to the diplomatic meetings by yourself?”

She strongly refused to be controlled by him and taken away forcefully.

However, Yu’s father spoke up at that moment, “What nonsense are you saying? What’s the matter with weddings? Those are their matters. Your matter concerns the state. It’s alright if you can’t go to the wedding; don’t worry about it and go to the diplomatic meetings. She wouldn’t blame you. She’s not some important figure that you have to show up especially for her.”

Yu Minmin glared at her father. Gu Jingming grabbed her over the next second, “Done, you have already informed them. Let’s go now.”

This man was truly…

But even so, her family members were all very courteous towards Gu Jingming and sent him off respectfully.

Yu Minmin only knew after she got on the plane that the performing troupe was going on the trip together with them. What was even more surprising was that on the list as well as the list of designers and the chief designer was Yin Suya.

No way, together with her…

How did Gu Jingming come to this conclusion and make such arrangements?



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