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Season 8

Episode 12

( Show Me Your Sincerity If You Want Lin Che)

Before Lin Che left, she spent a lot of money.

“Looking at how you spend money, doesn’t Gu Jingze say anything?” asked Li Mingyu.

“Nonsense. I wouldn’t spend money when I’m with Gu Jingze. He’s my husband and his money belongs to me. It pains me when I spend his money. But with your money, it’s a different case. Since it doesn’t belong to me, it would be a waste of money if I don’t spend it right? Oh yes, there’s another boutique there. Can I go and take a look?” Lin Che asked.

Li Mingyu found her frankness very interesting. He looked at her and said, “It’s rare for someone to be as frank as you.”

“it’s because I don’t intend to make you like me. That’s why I can be myself freely.”

Li Mingyu laughed. This young lady before him looked so gentle and weak. Her skinny body frame made others want to protect her. But when she was locked up by Li Mingyu, she was not afraid at all. Even when she saw a dead corpse, she remained calm and this surprised him.

Soon, they were at the boutique. After entering the shop, the shopkeeper took out the clothes and laid them before Lin Che. Lin Che took those that she found pretty and brought them into the fitting room to try.

On one hand, she pulled off the loose dresses perfectly. On the other hand, the short skirts were extremely beautiful on her as well.

Captivated by her beauty, he clapped and complimented her, “No doubt you are Gu Jingze’s woman. You are truly gorgeous.”

“That’s for sure. We all know that Gu Jingze has much better taste than you,” she said.

She was referring to Mo Huiling. Li Mingyu froze and his face darkened.

“You really have no fear in what you say,” he remarked, staring at Lin Che.

“You’ve already caught me. What else can I do?”

“You were invited over. I told you that I invited you over, but you keep saying that you got caught. It doesn’t sound good at all.”

“Fine, fine. I was invited over. Enough, I was just kidding,” Lin Che said.

Both of them really seemed as if they were real friends who spend time hanging out together. There were also many servants following behind them, carrying shopping bags and they appeared to be great in strength.

Li Mingyu could not help but feel a little strange. It seemed like he had really become friends with her.

He had already booked a plane that afternoon. After leaving the mall, they would be heading straight for the private jet.

Lin Che felt very helpless. She could only follow. Four beautiful ladies behind her were supposedly there to take care of her but they were definitely asked to watch her as well.

She sat together with Li Mingyu on the plane and ate the food that the chef on the flight had prepared for them. She told Li Mingyu, “The food tastes really bad. Your chef can’t compare to the ones at Gu family.”

Li Mingyu laughed and looked at her. “You are one fussy eater. While you are at my place, you are not worried that I may harm you and you can still eat and drink heartily. Tell me, what are you thinking in your mind?”

“That’s not true. To me, whatever that I want to enjoy, I have actually enjoyed them. I wanted to become a superstar and I became one. I have the world’s best husband. He has been treating me so well all this time. He gave me happiness that I have never experienced before. Villas, hotels, overseas vacations… I have experienced them all. The only regret I have is that I could not be with him for a longer time, so I have nothing to fear,” replied Lin Che.

“Ha, your mindset and identity as a young lady don’t match at all.”

“That’s for sure. I lost my mother when I was ten. Having a father was no different from living without one. I never knew what family warmth felt like. My only blessing in life was meeting Gu Jingze. I am very content to have met such a perfect man like him,” Lin Che said.

“The praises you sing of him makes it seems like there is none other like him,” Li Mingyu said.

“Of course! And he is definitely better than you.”


Lin Che looked at him and asked, “What about you? Aren’t you the type that was born in a wealthy family, the kind of guy who was raised with a silver spoon?”

Li Mingyu snorted, “I am different from Gu Jingze. I established my own company with my own hard work. What’s there to be proud of if you rely on family backgrounds? When I came out to society, he was still a baby!”

“That’s enough.”

“Gu Jingze may be born into a wealthy and influential family but he has many skills. Ever since I knew him, it seemed like there’s nothing that he didn’t know. I always felt that it has been very tough for him. He must have learned them without resting since the day he was born so that he could achieve the success he owns today. So if you think that you are greater than him just because you started your company on your own, that may not be right,” Lin Che said.

“You…” Li Mingyu could feel his anger rising yet at the same time, he felt that Lin Che’s words made sense as well.

He glared at her for a moment and rested on his seat.

The air stewardess came to deliver some drinks, but he brushed her aside and said, “Scram off.”

Taken aback, the air stewardess quickly retreated.

Lin Che shrugged her shoulders and went over to take the drink.

The air stewardess wanted to advise Lin Che to not provoke Li Mingyu. She knew his character very well. He was not someone whom she wanted to offend.

However, Lin Che had already taken the drink from the air stewardess. Without waiting for her reply, she placed the drink on the table and told Li Mingyu directly, “Tsk, despite coming from a less wealthy and dignified family, you put on more airs than Gu Jingze.”


“That’s the truth, isn’t it? Why are you so worked up? Come on, drink this. Take it as my apology. He’s my husband. Of course, I would speak up for him, but you are not bad either. I mean it.”

Li Mingyu felt that her words were insincere, or the way she said it was way too insincere.

Yet they were somehow amusing, so he was appeased.

He snorted, “To think that I would believe your words.” But he went on to pick up the drink and took a sip.

The air stewardess was dumbfounded by the scene before her. She did not expect that.

It appeared that Lin Che had her own ways of dealing with Li Mingyu.

Soon, they arrived at A Country.

Lin Che got off the plane and followed Li Mingyu to his mansion in the country.

It turned out that Li Mingyu was one of the most wealthy people in A Country and that explained why he kept on challenging Gu Jingze.

Lin Che could not tell who had greater power but they were completely different, so there was no point in comparing the two of them.

Lin Che felt nauseous from her morning sickness but she held it in so that the others couldn’t see through her.

So when they arrived at the mansion, she gave an excuse that she had jet lag due to motion sickness on the plane and proceeded to the room that Li Mingyu had prepared for her to rest.

Gu Jingze returned to C Country immediately.

When he entered his study room, Qin Hao walked towards him hurriedly, “Sir, Li Mingyu sent you an email.”

“Show it to me.” Gu Jingze sat down and Qin Hao immediately placed the laptop before him.

Li Mingyu sent him a video.

In the video, he had a cigarette in his mouth and looked at Gu Jingze smugly. He let out a puff of smoke, “Don’t worry, Mrs. Gu is doing well at my place. She’s well fed and waited on because I’m not you, Gu Jingze. I treat women with respect, unlike you who would only hurt them. Besides, you know that she’s not my target. She’s just an innocent party implicated into this because of you. My target is you… But, does Lin Che matters so much to you? I doubt it so if it’s true… Come to A Country and prove your sincerity.”



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