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Season 8

Episode 11

(His Target Had Always Been Gu Jingze)

Mo Huiling glared at him. When he was unaware, she bit his finger.

“Damn it!” Li Mingyu kicked her away angrily. He looked at the marks on his hand and a wave of anger surged in him. He kicked Mo Huiling a few more times.

His men held him back, “Sir, the baby. The baby is more important.”

He then stopped when he thought about the baby. He grunted and could not be bothered to look at her again. He said, “Keep an eye on her.”

Then, he went out.

At Gu Jingze’s side.

He scrutinized the photos that were sent to him.

In the photo, the four bodyguards he assigned to Lin Che were already dead. Lin Che was fine, but she was now with Li Mingyu. How could he not worry?

He looked up at the Los Angeles night sky that seemed to be a black satin. On the other hand, his eyes were even darker than the sky.

After a long time, he then gradually put his hands together and his fingers tightened.

He knew that those four elite bodyguards were no match for Li Mingyu.

For normal people, those bodyguards would be impeccable. However, this was Li Mingyu…

Nevermind that he was swift and ruthless. He was a wealthy person in A Nation and had been around for years. He definitely had power.

Thus, it could also be expected that the bodyguards would die there.

Killing the chicken to warn the monkey. He had to do something ruthless for Gu Jingze to see.

Qin Hao stood behind and looked at Gu Jingze silently.

On the other side, Ah Bi was still watching anxiously. Gu Jingze was already this silent when she came here and it worried her.

She wanted to say something, but Qin Hao kept giving her looks not to say a word. She could only watch from the side.

After a long time, Gu Jingze then said, “Li Mingyu must want something. Since he wants to play, let’s play with him.”

When he finally spoke up, Ah Bi quickly asked, “Will Lin Che be in any danger?”

Gu Jingze said, “No. My men have already gone over to look. Lin Che is now in the hotel’s presidential suite. If he really wanted to do anything to her, he would have taken her to the basement. He wouldn’t waste occupancy of the presidential suite.”

Ah Bi asked strangely, “Then what does he want?”

Gu Jingze replied, “He wants to tell me that he has no interest in Lin Che. He wants to deal with me. He wants me to stay low and not make any sudden movements. If I stay low, Lin Che will not be in danger and she will be very comfortable just like how she is now. If I dare to make any move, Lin Che will definitely be in danger.”

He placed the photo on the table. “Like these four.”

Ah Bi saw the bloody image and quickly turned away. She said angrily, “This person… Why is he so bad? He’s so violent towards girls and he’s so mean. These people are so pitiful… You must definitely make it up to their families.”

Gu Jingze said, “That’s not necessary.”

“Why? They may not have fulfilled their responsibilities, but they still sacrificed their lives.”

“No. They are all orphans. They were chosen from a group of orphans and groomed as orphans. That is how they end up having nothing to lose. Thus, they have been conditioned to be fearless. They were taught from a young age not to be afraid of death.”

“Ah… People like this can still die in the hands of this man. Is this man very capable?” Ah Bi knew that bodyguards who were trained like this were absolutely the best and they were ready to fight with their lives.

Gu Jingze said, “Li Mingyu is not simple, but I’m afraid that this isn’t his own doing. He doesn’t dare to deal with me alone. He has some help.”

Ah Bi thought for a while, “Then you should also get some help. My dad can help.”

Gu Jingze shook his head, “Your dad is alright in the United States, but I believe he will take Lin Che back to A Nation immediately and leave the United States. Your dad will be powerless there. Nevermind, I know my limits. You don’t have to worry too much either. I’ll make sure Lin Che is safe.”

“Alright. You promise,” Ah Bi repeated.

“I swear. Even if I die, I won’t let anything happen to Lin Che.”

Ah Bi was reassured by the resolve in his dark eyes.

She believed that he was telling the truth.

Ah Bi finally relaxed. Since he promised, he would definitely find a way.

And on the other side.

Li Mingyu indeed already prepared the plane.

He looked at Lin Che who was obediently watching TV in the living room of the presidential suite. She looked completely calm. He smiled as he walked in and said, “You don’t look scared at all.”

Lin Che said, “You are letting me live so comfortably. What is there to be scared of?”

“That is a given. I’m always very nice to women, even nicer than Gu Jingze. You’ll soon know that I’m a good guy, unlike Gu Jingze who is so cold-blooded. He abandoned his old lover just like that. To like the new and hate the old… One should always pity and cherish women.”

Lin Che questioned speechlessly, “You better not take me as a hostage. Is this pitying and cherishing me?”

“Aren’t you a guest? You’re a guest, not a hostage.”

Lin Che patted her own clothes, “Look at these clothes. I’ve been wearing them an entire day and I have no clothes to sleep in. I have no clothes to change into. If I’m not happy to stay here, I’ll go home.”

Li Mingyu smacked his forehead, “Look at me, I’m so busy that I forgot about all these. I’ll take you out to buy them right now.”

“We’re going out to buy clothes?”

Lin Che’s eyes lit up.

Li Mingyu smiled, “Don’t worry. I just sent a photo of the four beauties to Gu Jingze. He doesn’t want you to be like that, so he absolutely won’t be rescuing you so easily. Thus, you don’t have to anticipate the chance of bumping into him outside.”

Lin Che pouted, “Fine, let’s go then.”

Li Mingyu had thought everything through and wouldn’t let her out so easily. However, what if there were other chances once they were out? She thought that as long as Gu Jingze knew that she was fine, he wouldn’t have to worry. There was no hurry. Li Mingyu had no intention of harming her at the moment. He only had this perverted thought of playing as her “host” in his game.

Li Mingyu really took Lin Che out to buy clothes.

There were people everywhere in the mall. Li Mingyu and his entourage walked about openly. He did not try to hide at all. When they entered a shop, he simply requested to pack everything up and took out his credit card without a word.

Seeing that he was so generous, Lin Che thought that since it wasn’t her money or Gu Jingze’s money, she should spend more. Thus, she took the lead and brought him to look at an expensive store.

“I want these bags.” She pointed at a bunch of bags. She wanted whichever bag that was expensive.

The staff was naturally happy. They watched in surprise as the two of them wiped out everything. They had never seen such brazen shoppers who specially picked out bags that cost hundreds of thousands. There was not a tinge of hesitation.



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