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💯 { the bad boy and the girl he never noticed }💯




The vehicle pulled infront of a beautiful mansion which was painted all Grey.

I came outta the car still chewing gum and grabbed hold of my backpack before walking pass everyone.

"Its so beautiful honey." The witch says and I scoff.

"Yeah it is. Hopefully we won't be moving anymore ."one quick glance at me dad heaved a sigh.

I looked away and walked towards the entrance. Wow the interiors were also looking super doper.

A maid bowed to me and I gave her a cheesy smile as they started taking out our stuffs outta the car.

I took the stairs and landed at a hallway which had so many doors. I looked through all the doors till my eyes landed on a blue door . grabbing hold of the door knob twisting it and pulled the door open.

The room was well furnitured and decorated.

I smirked and walked inside making sure to close the door.

Not bad for a room I must say I hummed as I went through all its stuffs including the bath and the closet .which I find rather cool.

I took off the black leather jacket I had on leaving just my tank top and a baggy jean.all I wanted at the moment was to go skating.

Glance through the window to look at the other building which was also beautiful but painted white which gave it a royal look.

They had so many maids who were absolutely running around trying to get their job done on time.

I smiled and walked outta my holding my skating board.....

"And where do you think you going?"Maurine bashed at me like an overly fed bully.

"Its none yah , none of your business ma'am now get the f*ck! Outta my way." I glared hard at her trust me not giving a room for a come back.

One thing m sure of is that this woman is not what she claims to be. Acting all butterfly and sweet infront of dad but something else in reality.

What a joke. I rolled my eyes.

"Language young lady." That was dad. I huffed out loud and managed to get pass her.

The last thing I wanted was to get into an argument with them both .



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