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💯 { the bad boy and the girl he never noticed }💯




Was tryna get my phone outta my backpack when I stumbled and fell to the floor.

"Omg am so sorry I didn't see someone coming." I heard that crisp voice that made my knees grow so weak.

He stretched out his hand which I took and he helped me up.

"Yeah am sorry too I didn't watch where I was going." I managed to say with so much composure .

"So ERM. You heading to class yeah?" He asked and I couldn't help but smile.

Dylan is such a cool person unlike Tyler who derives joy in hurting others.

He doesn't care about their feelings too.

Sometimes I wish he wasn't my brother but that too I have no choice but to accept the fact that am stuck with him forever.

"Y.why..yeah wanna come?" I raised my eyebrows hoping he would say yes.

"I'm sorry to disappoint you dude but she's busy now get lost before I lose my cool ." Tyler said from behind and my face fell flat like a bucket of cold water had been poured on me.

" stop meddling in my affairs Tyler. " I said in between clenched teeth trying so hard not to get angry.

"Sorry to burst your bubble twinnie but you're stuck with me and I'll keep meddling in your affairs because this speck of insignificance ain't good enough for you." He blurted out trying to get Dylan on the edge considering the fact that they so hate each other.

"Like you're any better. Let's go Dylan." I grabbed hold of his wrist but Tyler angrily slapped his hand off mine 

"What's your problem man? You're been too nosey for a twin brother." Dylan glared at him and he returned the favor .

This is sure gonna be a long day.

"Say that again and am gonna make you wish you Never met me !!" Tyler charged st him.

"Okay thats enough !" They both stopped talking but won't stop the glares that bore their skins ..

"You know what ? Am so done with you two." With that I left them to kill their selves if the needs arises it.

Tyler tryna be protective or tell me what to do where as he'd slept with half of the girls in school.

I really do like Dylan a lot and am pretty sure he likes me too.

Thanks to Tyl who won't stop ruining things for me.

He feels so insecure when ever a male was around and call them players were as he's their coach.

His hatred for Dylan was growing stronger by the day making me wonder if they both had something going on with them.



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