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💯 { the bad boy and the girl who lives next door}💯




At first I Couldn't put up with dingling feelings building up inside of me.

Somehow it didnt matter if I was in pain. I would gladly get beaten again if only I would get to see this cute side of hers.

"Hush now baby girl, you swashing me." I mumbled and she loosen her grip on me.

"I... Uh I'm sorry you're hurt because of me." She shuttered and I patted her back.

"Relax babe I'm fine. I would Do anything for the one I love." I blurted and she jerked her head forth to stare at me.

 Knowing that curious look I decided to come clean with my feelings even though I'm quite nervous she might say the opposite.

"Huh!!!" She asked staring at my eyes like she was searching for answers.

Instead of giving her the answers she wants I cupped her chin with one hand and took her lips in mine.

Kissing gently and Tenderly. She responded to the kiss the same amount of passion.

I thrub deeper with my tongue. Our tongues moved as one with our saliva mixing up while trying to gain dominance.

We pulled apart tryna catch our breaths.

"I love you short tips." She blurted out searching my eyes for response.

I really can't believe she said that!! Or is this some kinda joke ?

Thought she only think of me as a friend and fake boyfriend?

While waiting for answers I couldn't resist the urge to kiss her again and I did.

This time it was rough and intoxicating as we shared our emotions.

Kissing and throbbing like our lives depends on it.

I sank my fingers into her soft black hair pulling her into me.

She moan into the kiss as I bit her bottom lip teasingly.

Kissing her passionately letting her feel the warmth of my lips as I placed a palm on her cheek and traced my thumb on it.

I broke the kiss and pecked her forehead.

"What took you so long baby?" I smiled and she gave me a confused expression.

"You know I love you so much yet you took so long in confessing your feelings."

" I love you more than you can possibly imagine, I'm ready to face the whole world and scream about how much I love you even if it means getting beaten up to stupor by your dad." I said sternly and planted a kiss on her cheek.

She blushed heavily and placed her head on my chest.

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