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💯 { the bad boy and the girl who lives next door}💯




I managed to get outta my car and limped towards the entrance door. The butler rushed to my aid but I signaled him with my hand so he won't bother.

"Omg! What happened to you Tyler!'. Mom asked with a worry expression as she rushed towards me.

"Its nothing mom I'm fine."I simply said.

Dad who had been at the dinner stood and moved towards me.

"Son who did this to to you huh?? " his intimidating aura was visible as he examined me from head to toe.

"I'm fine dad, got into an accident dont worry about me okay?" I lied.

He looked at me for awhile before heaving a sigh.

I know my dad enough to know he's not buying my shit.

He was always a man of few words and a strict business tycoon but one thing was sure. He never played with his family.

He would always make time for everyone especially mom. Sometimes I would smile at how much the latter loves mom so much.

"I'll get the doctor here in few seconds." He said calmly and brought out his mobile phone.

"No dad its just a scratch I'll be fine."I said and limped pass them.

I was willing to get beaten by my future in law if that's his way of accepting me.

I thought and smiled inwardly.

Couldn't take the stairs so I took the elevator upstairs to my room.

Walked into my room and slumped on the bed gently as I thought about Ariel.

What If she gets into trouble with her dad?

Is she okay?

Was lost in my thoughts that I didn't notice someone sneak into my room..

I quickly stood up when I saw Ariel trying to get into my room.

"Ariel? What are you doing?"I mumbled but she placed her finger on her lips telling Me to stop talking.

She move closer and surprisingly gave me a hug.

Wait! Is this some kinda dream? Ariel is hugging me right now?

I could hear her sobs as she cling to me like I was gonna disappear.

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