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💯 { the bad boy and the girl he never noticed }💯




I gave Tiara a scornful look as she walk pass me without sparing me a glance.

"Omg his new hairstyle made look even hot." One of the girls gawking around me like a hawk.

Tiara is my crazy twin sister who constantly tries to get on my nerves ever since the incident with sheila.

Yeah Tia caught me fucking her best friend in the boys locker room.

She got so mad at me for screwing her best friend which I cared less about.

I grabbed hold of my backpack and walked out on the girls who were slowly starting to sound irritating.

I walked through the hallway and stopped on my tracks when I felt eyes on me.

One of things I hate the most.

You don't get to stare at me, don't fucking stare at me 

I raised my head up to meet two pairs of eyes staring at me.

Practically drooling.

"What are you staring at b*tch!" I glared at her she was quick to scrawl away from my glares.

I rolled my eyes and walked towards the classroom . 


Basketball training wasn't like any other training for I felt energetic and played like never before.

Maybe the reason was because I was facing the loosing team. The same team Dylan was.

I don't get why I hate him so much. Maybe because he's got eyes for my sister.

He's a fucking player and won't want my sister to get heart broken.

He stood there staring at me with disappointment written all over his face as the whole basketball court was filled with students who won't stop making mockery of his team.

I gave him a deadly glare and he was quick to avoid eye contact with me.

"Hey babe you look tired. Want some?" Nicole says and handed me a bottle of water.

"Yeah thanks." I mumbled and gulp down a large quantity of water for I had become thirsty after training for so long.

"How about a quick massage. You gon feel much better after that." She said tryna flirt with me.

"Hands off the muscles." I gave her a stern look and she nodded immediately.

Nicole had been one of the numerous girls who won't stop throwing em self at me.

Its kinda irritating yet fun. It amazes me to see girls fighting over me, like what gives anyway?

Rule number two I don't fuck a b*tch more than twice.

Thats enough details for them to tell their friends about.

Whatever I want I get with no one trying to stop me.

"What yah say we visit the bathroom for some hot girl summer pop your shits" she winked and took her bottom lips in seductively.



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