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💯 { the bad boy and the girl who lives next door}💯




Maybe I do like her. She's pretty crazy though but yes I do like her.

I enjoy messing with her so much. Ahh she's super angry right now obviously thinking of killing right now.

I drove into school and parked my car at the VIP parking lot.

Arielle got outta the car before I could turn off the engine.

Is she that in a hurry to get away from me?.

"Not so fast princess." I said making I stop on her track. She glance at me with blood shot eyes.

Uh oh someone's gonna kill me.

"Call me that again and you gonna wish you didn't." She threatened and I felt intimidated.

"My cute little princess. Princess! Oh you look daring princess Arie!" My voice was that of mockery.

She charged towards me Nd I grabbed hold her hand caging her to my car while she repeatedly tried to get away me.

"Let me go you d*ck!" She she growled and i chuckled at how cute she looked whenever she's angry.

The students were obviously watching the little dingling lovey dovey thingie they actually thinks we doing.

"swear you don't love me that way huh? " I teased her further and her cheeks turned red like a tomato.

"You wish fool! You can kiss my *ss." She snarled and i was so tempted to kiss couldn't resist the urge anymore and I did.

I could hear shocking gasps and murmurs from behind.

Her reaction was cute and funny as she looked at me with widened eyes.

I bit her lips tenderly trying to gain entrance but couldn't.

Encircled my arms around her waist tightly stopping her from falling.

She managed to pull away from the kiss and pushes me away before walking towards the hallway angrily.

I caught up with her right on time and pulled her to me by the wrist only to receive a lips bursting slap.

"You bastard f"cking took my first kiss!" Her voice was breaking.

"Don't blame me princess its not my fault that you're so breath taking." I said nursing my bursted lips.

I could tell she was blushing but was quick to wipe it off.

"Stay away from me Short tips!" She groan and I burst out into laughter.

"Short tips? Oh come on! I gave you a nice nickname you should at least return the favor." I feigned annoyance and she punched me on the abdomen before running off.

I grunt in pain. Ouch! That did hurts.



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