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💯 { the bad boy and the girl who lives next door}💯




" I think its hightime you talk some sense into this child she's staring to piss me off." Maurine said fit in rage.

Dad heaved a sigh and looked at me with sadden eyes.

"Elle?" He called and I chuckled softly.

"Relax daddy I'm trying to be nice okay? Isn't that right Judas?" I winked at caramel who inturn glared at me.

I pulled out a chair and help serve my breakfast. It was French press omlet and bread.

"You better show me some respect Selena Gomez." Caramel mumbled and staked her Omlet with the fork angrily. She calls me Selena Gomez whenever she's pissed.

How much I love seeing the duo really pissed.

" please baby show Your mom and your other sister some respect, I thought we talked about this?" Dad said calmly and I rolled my eyes.

"Step mom and step older sis you mean to say? Look dad I only agreed to all of tho when mom died because I didn't want you to be so lonely. Truly have accepted her as your wife but not as my mom for she can never take the place in my heart. Bye dad." I sigh and stood up leaving everyone in an uncomfortable silence before walking towards the door.

The butler Mr Alfred as usual was holding my skate board by the door waiting for me.

I smiled and took it from him before exiting the mansion.

"What took you so long princess?" I heard that same annoying voice.

He stood by his car with a smirked plastered on his face.

"How's that your business?" I replied rudely.

"I really like em feisty." He chuckled and moved closer to me.

I got off my skate board and held on to it tightly.

" you're one annoying dude and I hate you." I frown deeply and he pulled me closer by the waist taking me off my feet unaware.

"Let me down you imbecile!" I hit his chest aggressively.

He carried in bridal style to his car and slowly dropped me in before shutting the door.

"I hate you fool!" I half yelled.

Wait did I really mean that?

" I love you too baby." He said and went over to the driverside.

Seems like he's enjoying seeing me sulk.

Throughout the ride I didn't say a word for right now all i wanted to do was chop off his head and place on the school rooftop.



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