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💯 { the bad boy and the girl who lives next door}💯




I was dumbfounded for u didn't know what to say at the moment only my heart beat could be heard across the whole poo area.

"You're quite interesting and brave. Thats my type of girl you know right?" He whispered and trailed kisses all over my face.

Was took weak to resist as my body was slowly surrendering to his touch.

Get a grip on yourself girl. My inner self practically yelled at me.

He intentionally brushed his lips around my lips but didn't kiss me.

Was he trying to tease me again?

My heart beat had increased rapidly and was gonna pup outta my chest any second.

Managed to get hold of myself and pushed him off me before he does something deep.

"What's wrong buttercup?" He asked innocently and I could bet I was blushing already.

"Stay away from me pervert!" I sounded rather pissed and he smiled sweetly.

His smiles also had ways of effect on me.

"Ooh someone is really angry." He chuckled and move towards his stuffs.

Finally he's gonna put on some clothes.


School was finally over which means I was gonna escape the clutches of Tyler.

I hopped on my skateboard and took it slow at first before stepping up my game and in No time I'd arrived at the mansion.

Handed my board to the butler who welcomed me with a bow and walked into the mansion.

I raised my eyebrow in surprise when my eyes caught sight of Caramel.

What the heck is another witch doing back here?

"Who do we have here? Did you get kicked out because you were too noisy or wait! You couldn't mind your business?" I said sarcastically and I received glaring from both ladies.

"Will are you just gonna seat there and let Arielle have her way?" Maurine sounded so pissed off and I couldn't help  but chuckle at how furious I'd make the two ladies.

"Arielle please be nice to your sister." A sigh escaped dad's lips.

"Oh I'm being nice daddy just wanted to remind Step sister here that I told her so. " I stuck out my tongue at her.

"Says the one who doesn't mind her business." She rolled her big brown eyes .

Caramel was the very half of her mom.

Maurine who would always tryna act all sweet in front of my dad yet a corny witch behind.

"Quit sulking around Sister you look like a frown when you're angry. See you around sugar I'm going to my room." I winked at her before rushing towards the stairs.



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