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💯 { the bad boy and the girl who lives next door}💯  




Is this dude crazy? Pulling his clothes right in front of me?

Gush Arielle snap the hell outta it. He's just trying to tease you don't fall for it. My inner mind warned and I frown when I realized what he was tryna do.

I couldn't help but drool over his well built body which gave him a fitting body structure.

I feel so bored AF. This dude over here is obviously tryna bore me to death with his crazy looking features.

He jumped into the pool with so much agility and I could tell he was an expert swimmer.

My phone beeped and I took it outta my bag to take a look at it.

Tiara had sent a video and few photos which was yet to load.oh yeah we did exchanged contacts you all know how we girls do our thing.

It was a video of the girl earlier and pictures of how she looked when I tried to separate her arm from her shoulder.

I couldn't hold back my laughter. Damn she looked terrible and pathetic am so gonna reward Tiara for this wonderful piece .

I chuckled softly and replied her text.

"Thanks baby girl xoxo I love you and don't worry am gonna reward for making my day." I clicked sent and shortly my text was replied.

"Don't tell me Tyler isn't making you happy?" I scoff and texted back.

"You're twin brother is a crazy *ss jerk makes me wonder where he got his own side of the attitude from?" I smirked .

Was so engrossed in my phone that I didn't noticed someone was standing so close to me..

"Gossiping about me I guess." He smirked and my heart skipped a beat.

How come I didn't see him stepping outta the pool..

"You wish." I rolled my eyes but stopped talking when my eyes landed on his bare chest as water trailed down his harden chest.

His wet hair provides water droplets which in turn formed a line on his chest.

This Dude right here is seriously gonna be the end of me.

I diverted my gaze downward. A towel hung losely around his waist giving him the sexy model appearance.

"Stop drooling or you gonna drown." He sounded intimidating and I hissed loudly.

"Stop exaggerating." I scoffed.

He squats In front of me and cupped my chin in his hand making me stare into his deep blue eyes ..



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