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💯 { the bad boy and the girl who lives next door}💯




I stood my ground as I stared hard at this pervert waiting to hear what he has to say.

After the stupid stunt he pulled earlier and pretty sure a lot of attention will be placed on me which am definitely not ready for at the moment.

"Its simple just be my girlfriend and everything will be okay." He said nonchalantly and I glared at him.

Is he stupid? Asking me to be his girlfriend in such manner? Who does that!

"Are you dumb or stupid huh? Do I look like a commodity to you ?" I barked at him but he seems to be enjoying it.

"Relax crazy girl I only wanted you to pretend to be my girlfriend for while. " it rolled freely outta his tongue like it was nothing to him.

"Do I look like an actress mister? I'll do something else but not this shit you're asking of." I rolled my eyes and in one swift he caged me to the wall his hands caging mine above mine tightly.

My heart skipped a beat as he brought his face closer to my ear and bit my lobe teasingly.

I shuttered as he did that as butterflies welled up in my stomach.

What's wrong with you Arielle? He's a jerk remember?

"Okay how about I explore your beauty right here right now girlfriend." He whispered into my ear as he pressed kisses on my neck setting my whole body on fire.

Snap outta it Arielle don't let him touch you. My inner mind was battling with my brain while my body wasn't resisting.

My knees had weaken due to his touch.

I shook my head with my eyes shot.

This was pure blackmail I knew it but too bad I'll have to agree to it.

"Fine I'll do it. "I said in between clenched teeth.

"What did you say? I can't hear you." He smirked.

Why does he like making a Joke of everything.

"I said I'll agree to be your girlfriend." I sounded rather pissed but was trying so hard to hold back my anger.

"There you go my sweet little mouse." He grinned and kissed my forehead before losing his grip on me and straightened his wrinkled shirt.

"I'll rip out your tongue if you ever call me that." I spat and tried to walk away but he pulled me back to him with his arms around my waist while my hands were on his chest.

"Hmm?  Temper temper baby girl you sure don't wanna ruin your pretty face." He smiled at me while I stared at him dumbfounded.

He pulled away from me and held my wrist before dragging me along with him.

Gush this is so humiliating.



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