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💯 { the bad boy and the girl he never noticed }💯




After having breakfast I napped my lips and stood up picking my backpack alongside with me.

"Bye daddy." I cooed as I walked towards the exit.

I stopped  by the garage but suddenly shook my head in negativity. My skate board was brought to me by the butler in one snap.

I held it in one hand and walked outta the mansion only to bump into the girl next door.

She smiles brightly on seeing me and walked hastily towards my direction.

"ERM hi.." She sounded rather nervous which only made me smile But why does she look so familiar?

"Hey." I said calmly and she giggled like a child.

"So you live next door right? I'm Tiara McQueen and you?" She further introduced herself with a smile as usual.

She was a give who had charming smiles and a black long hair which stopped just above her shoulders.

"Yeah, I'm Arielle Montana its nice to finally get to meet someone around here." I played with a strand of my hair and she chuckle softly.

"Let me guess you're attending McQueens high? But how come I haven't seen you in school before?" She furrowed her brows which made her even cute.

"Yeah its my first day at school. " I said hopping on my skate board.

"Ahh let's be friends pleaseee pleasee." She pouts and I chuckled softly.

"Fine fine you got me." I said and she gave me a big hug which I wasn't expecting but somehow I felt happy I  found someone who is actually interested in being friends with me than pick on me.

"Making friends with the new neighbor Tia?" I heard a familiar voice which made me pull from the hug to stared at those blue set of eyes which stared back at me with pure hatred, his jade green hair looked messy from fingers racking through it which made his appearance more hot.

"Oh please don't tell me you know this arrogant peacock." × I rolled my eyes dramatically and she cracked a bit.

Wait! Am I missing something here?

They actually looked so much alike which only brings me back to one conclusion.

"So we meet again crazy girl." He smirked with his hands shoved deep into his pocket while he approached us.

"This arrogant peacock here is Tyler my twin brother. Have you guys met before?" She looked at me for answers and I scoff.

"Call me that one more time and I'll rip your favourite panda friend apart." He said with a hint of remorse in his voice.

Tia went pale at the sound of her favourite toy.

"And what if I don't stop what yah gon do about it?" I raised my brows to meet with his blue eyes which shined so bright.

"Stay outta my way little mouse unless you wanna get crushed." He glared and walked to his car.




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