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💯 { the bad boy and the girl he never noticed }💯




I blinked rapidly as I felt something wet or rather light rubb against my face.

"Get outta bed you spoiled brat." I heard that familiar voice and I got outta bed immediately to be greeted with a frown.

"What do you want Maurine?" I try so hard not to glare at her .

"What do I want? Ttch! Are you kidding me now? Its almost time for school and you're still sleeping?" She said in a serious tune and I rolled my eyes.

"Stop meddling in my business Maurine now if you'll excuse me I've school to attend." I sounded so intimidating that she angrily left my room.

Good riddance. Barging into my room without being invited in is highly unacceptable.

I reluctantly got outta bed and walked towards the window which Gave me a good view of the build next door.

I find myself longer than required as my eyes caught sight of a girl just about my age staring back At me.

She had a beautiful smile on. She waved at me when I'd noticed her and I returned the smile.

Wait! She looked kinda familiar like have seen her somewhere before.

I shrugged and walked towards the bathroom for a quick shower didnt wanna be late for school as it was my first day at the new school.

I let down my long brown hair which was tied up in a messy bun and let it fall flat on my shoulders down below my  waist.

That was how lengthy my hair was.

I slowly stepped into the tub and relaxed into it let the warm water beat against my body.


I came outta the bathroom with a towel around my chest and another on my hair adsorbing the water coming from my wet hair.

Walking towards my closet which was exclusively made bigger than the last few ones that I'd made use of in the previous apartments.

After having to go through a few clothings I which I'd unpacked while the rest were still in boxes.

I later settled for a black baggy rugged jean and a black tank top with an open at the neckline .

Took one the new boxes of the shoes dad had bought a few days back.

I too out a black Air max X sneakers which was like one the most expensive shoes around.

Black had always been my favourite color no doubt about it for I always looked good in black.


I stood by the mirror while gently styling my hair whixh was extremely long so I'd difficulty in styling.

Peew! I breath out in relief and picked up my backpack and my cellphone before exiting my room.


"Good morning my baby." Dad smiled as I give him cute little pecks on his cheeks.

"Morning dad." I replied while pulling out a Chair for myself for breakfast had been served.

Lady gaga had been awfully quiet, Not that I mind tho.



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