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💯 { the bad boy and the girl he never noticed }💯




I held on to my backpack tightly and my jaw tickled in annoyance.

I rushed downstairs to find mom at the living room sipping from her cocktail.

"Mommy!"I called out and slumped on the chair beside hers.

"What's wrong baby you look sad." She cupped my chin.

"  Tyler burnt my textbooks again " I whinned.

"Aww sorry baby. You know how your brother is. He's definitely gonna come around soon." She smiled showing off her white set of teeth.

"Whatever mom, I'm off to class. Can I please have the keys to the grey Porsche please???" I smiled sheepishly .

"Hmm baby you know that's Ty's favorite ride huh?" 

"Don't you dare give that keys to that girl." Tyler interrupted coming down from the stairs.

His hands were shoved deep into his pockets and he had the bad boy looks on.

Tyler Is my twin brother and the complete opposite of me. 

He's always cold , a fuckboy, mean and arrogant. Feared by everyone except me. Why would I be scared of of my twin brother?

He's referred to as a greek god by the girls in school. Tyler would fuck em lady anywhere he wanted at any given time.

"Come on baby you can just go with another one okay? Besides its high time you stop being a meanie to your sister " mom cautioned and he smirked coily.

"Oh great just great. Here comes De Rock." I rolled my eyes dramatically.

"She can go to school in any other car but not the grey porsche. " he said coldly and grabbed the keys without mom's consent and walked towards the exit.

Mom heaved a sigh and watch him leave without saying goodbye.

"Bye mom see you around." I pecked her on the cheek and grabbed the keys to the pink Porsche.

I'm Tiara McQueen. The most popular kid in school. Dad is one of the richest man in the world.

He owns lots of broadcasting companys, gigs and logistics.  And also a tech company.

He's known as the tech guru nationwide.

Enough information about my dad.

My mom is business tycoon and world Best mom. She made sure me, Tyler, Ivy and baby Ryan was happy and got whatever we wanted.

Tyler had left by the time I came outta the mansion. 

I huffed loudly and hopped into my car. 

Gush am so late for classes. 

Me and Tyler was crowned Mr and Miss famous in school because of our popularity.

Am also queen of the cheerleading group, while Tyler was head of the basketball team.

Thats enough information about me.

I drove outta the compound and change course for Calvin McQueen high.

Have chemistry class in ten and don't wanna be late.



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