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💯 { he got all the drugs and I got all the drugs }💯




I slowly opened my eyes to meet those set of hazel eyes staring back at me.

He had a smile on and that got me smiling back..

"Hey." He stroke my hair.

" guess I did it. Where are they?" I asked and my eyes landed on their cradle. They're sleeping peacefully.

Really wanna hold them in my arms right now but am so weak I can't feel my arms.

"Relax baby, you'll be fine okay? I'll go get the doctor." He says and left for the door.

I heaved a sigh and lay back with my eyes closed. So this is what it felt like to give birth to a baby?

Gush my whole body hurts like hell right now.

 Calvin returned shortly with the doctor who smiled on seeing me awake.

"How are you feeling ms Brooks?" He asked while checking a few things on his file.

"Body hurts like hell." I cursed underneath.

"Oh I see, any internal pain or pain of any sort?" He raised his eyebrow and I shook my head negatively.

"Okay don't worry its just the effect of the sedatives it's gonna ware off soon.I believe that would be all." He smiled and left.

"Baby?" Calvin called out and I stared at him.

"I love you and thank you For giving me a lil prince and lil princess." He said and I chuckled.

"I love you more. So what should we call em?".

"I was thinking Tyler and Tiara ?" He rubbed his temple and I agreed with him.

*aww name be so cute." I confessed .

"That's the plan. We gon start a beautiful family together. They're gonna be the beginning of our change. We gon show the world that even the worst of folks can still change."he said with a serious face and I sigh.

"Calvin?" I mumbled.

I think its time he involve his family, He's been away from them for years now.

Am pretty sure they gonna be happy for him.

"Tell me hun?"

"I was thinking about you calling the rest of the family." I paused and stared at him.

"Hmm? Anything for you princess. Good news babe, we moving to france after the wedding. What yah think?" He says and i was way over excited.

"This is the best wedding present ever. I love you a bunch .❤" I happily said and he leaned over and kissed me. Slowly et tenderly.

"Eeww your lips taste like lumetherine." He says and i burst into laughter.

What does he mean by that? Calvin can be super fun to be with.



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