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💯 { he got all the drugs and I got all the drugs }💯



I got the car ready and came back upstairs with two other servants who helped Bella outta the room. They took her downstairs while I kept trying to keep everything under control.

But she won't stop screaming. Gush this is so frustrating.

I opened the backseat door and she was placed into the car gently.

"You come with me." I asked one of the maid and she immediately got into the car with bella while the rest stepped away.

I didn't waste time in driving outta the mansion.


I paced back and further the lobby of the city hospital impatiently.

All I could think of was Belle as her screams replayed in my head.

Dear Lord I know I haven't really been a good son. I know have messed up and sinned a lot. 

All I asked is for  belle and the babies be saved and I promise to worship you and change for the better.

This was the prayer going on in my head. 

I really meant everything. 

One glance at the maid and she also seem worried.

"Erm relax master she's a tigeress i know she'll definitely pull through." She assured me and I smile.

Seems like Belle's maids have faith in her than I do .

"What's your name miss?" I asked and she bow slightly.

"Marian sir." She shuttered.

"Nice. " was the only thing I said when the doctor came walking towards me.

He had this expressionless face on which I knew is the liberty of bad news.

"How's she ?" I asked immediately.

He heaved a sigh before speaking up.

"She's too weak to deliver herself, I'll have to operate on her else she is no gon. Last a night in this condition." He said and I sadly ran my fingers through my hair.

"Fine you Can go ahead with the surgery. Where do i sign?" I rubbed my cocked brows 

"Right this way sire."he said and led me to the reception.

In no time I was done with pay works and   did wired payments for the surgery.

This time my fingers were crossed. I had deep faith in God. 

Bella is a fighter and believe she's gonna pull through.


Its been hours since she was wheeled into the theater for the surgery am yet  to see a doctor or s nurse..

I need answers am beginning to get really worried about this.

Never wanted her to go in alone but I had no choice. The doctor won't let me go in with her.

The cry of babies got my attention. 

Oh God oh God.



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