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6 months later

🖤🖤 BELLA 🖤🖤🖤

 I was home alone  and wanted to go for a walk alone hopefully Calvin was gonna come back on time.

Got dressed in a one floral gown which brought out the shape of my belly button out.

I look so hot even in pregnancy. Yeah yeah.

Took an umbrella and walked outta the mansion into the outside world.


I walked through a park and watched a bunch of kids play around.

Aww my babies 💗 are gonna be super cute too.

Yeah I'm carrying two babies, my scanning shows two fetuses.

"Excuse me ma'am?" A dude in black suit walked up to me and said.

" Yeah?" I asked with a confused look.

" Are you Ms Isabella Brooks ?" He asked formally.

"How may I help you?" I frown.

"I'm detective Wilson and you're under arrest for illegal dealings. Kindly come with me." He said and my heart skipped a beat.

Oh no ☹️ my shit just caught off with me.

"Erm can I please call my lawyer?" I asked.

"That would be after we get to the station . Take her in boys." He ordered two of his guys to escort me to the car.

This is it this the end for me.

We got into the car and they drove off 😑.

All I could think of was Calvin and my babies , what's gonna happen to them now ?

Gush am so messed up right now. Even though everything was up I never had the facial expression which states that I'm scared.

The fact is am not scared of going to jail , I knew sooner or later they would come looking for me and they did.

I glanced at the windshield confused when the car pulled up in front of a garden.

Wtf are we doing here?

"Why are we stopping here ?" I asked the officer seated besides me.

"Our orders were to execute on sight and this is where we had planned on doing it and get the fuck outta the car!" He glared at me and came down slowly.

Gush I wish I could see Calvin one last time and tell him how much I love him too bad that's not gonna happen 💔.

The held me by the arm and led me into the garden which was unexpectedly beautiful and we'll decorated.

Wait! Was it decorated all for my death?

I was stunned when I saw Calvin standing at the further end of the garden beside him was a table for two a rose and candles too.

Okay now am curious.

"Calvin? What's going on here? Did you get arrested too?" I asked with  so much naivety.

He smiled and went down on one knee and the guys let go of me.

He brought out a ring and my mouth was wide open.

"I know I'm the perfect gentleman in the world and I love that you accepted my flaws. Gush am not so good at this. " He muttered underneath and I chuckled.

"Marry me Isabella Brooks." He said and I felt tears roll down my cheeks.

I couldn't utter the word I only nodded and he slide the ring into my finger while the guys clapped.

He stood and hugged me.

"Thanks so much babygirl ❤️ we gon make a beautiful family together." He said sweetly and cooed.

"I guess our job here is done." Wilson said and smiled at me.

"Thanks so much guys. I owe you one." He winked at  them.

"Anything for you man. No hard feelings Ms , I'm Wilson Templeton nice to me." He stretch fourth his hand which i took.

"It's a pleasure. Call me Bella." I smiled.

"Nice. See you guys around soon." He says and Calvin nodded and they walked away.

I turned to face Calvin who won't stop smiling.

"So babe it's just me and you." He chuckled and I glared playfully.

"This is like one of the epic proposal ever." I burst into laughter.



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