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💯 { he got all the drugs and I got all the drugs }💯



I sat down on the couch watching Netflix. My favorite series was on. ( money heist). Gush that movie is super Dooper I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Bella rushed through the front door like she was being chased by a wild boar.

Forgetting the fact that she's carrying a baby.

"Slow down baby girl, do you wanna hurt the baby?" I rolled my eyes.

"Babbbie babbie!!" She kept screaming like a six year old and planted kisses all over my face.

"Wow someone is abit excited. What's the occasion baby?" I smiled.

"I've a surprise for you honey." She spoke happily..

"Surprise? Really? Where's it?" I asked looking around.

"It's not here but I'll take you there only you have to go in blindfolded." She said and I squeezed face.

"Gush you know how much I hate blindfolds. " I whined .

"Come on baby boy trust me its worth it."she was persistent and I had choice than to resign to faith.

"I hope so." I said and she happily brought out a piece of clothe and blind folded me..

"Relax okay? You're doing just fine " she assured and I nodded as she held on to me and led me outta the house slowly till we got to the car .

"Its really dark I can't see a thing." I complained and she chuckled.


After so many assholes and nightmares the car came to halt which means we have arrived at the destination ..

She held my hand we both walked towards something. 

"Are you ready baby boy?" She asked and I pause for a moment.

"Yeah I'm." I said and she slowly took off the blindfold..

"Surprise!!" She said showing me the biggest mart have ever come across.

Wait!! It has my name on it.


"Wow ! Did you do this ?" I asked and she nodded.

"Since I stopped taking assasination contracts I decided to do something with my money and this is it .hope you like it?" She smiles and I pulled her into a hug..

"You'll make a great mom.its wonderful dear."I said really proud.

"Aww let's go inside and check out the mart " she suggested and I nodded.

Together we walked towards the mart

Damn such beautiful place. Bella did do a great work am proud of her.

"Its amazing dear am proud of you." I complimented.and her cheeks were red with embarrassment.



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