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💯 { he got all the drugs and I got all the drugs }💯



I took her to A fanny restaurant where I'd booked a special table for two.

"If I may ask what would this beautiful lady like to have?" I acted like a gentleman and placed a rose inbetween my lips.

"Anything the baby likes ." she slowly took the rose from my lips and inhaled it.

I signaled one of the waitress who came rushing to our table.

"Hello and welcome to Chloe & Courtney may I take your orders?" She smiled sheepishly.

"Some fruit salad. Pasta and cheese." I called out and she nodded.

"Wait! Was she tryna flirt with you right now?" Bella asked with a frown.

Looks like someone is jealous..

"Relax buttercup am all yours okay?" I chuckled softly on how cute she looked when she's angry.

"Better." She rolled her eyes.

I wonder what our child is gonna look like.


I carried her in my arms and took her upstairs to the bedroom, placed her on the bed and slowly took off her shoes..

"Do you need a foot massage?" I raised my eyebrow and she nodded.

I gave her foot massage and brought her foot to my lips and trailed kisses on it.

She closed her eyes and lips slightly opened..

I advance to her thighs and did wonders on her thighs am sure there's gonna lots of hickeys on it.

Dug my fingers in her hair and crashed my lips on hers. It's something I don't get tired of doing.

She encircled her long legs around my torso and fondle with my hair while trailed kisses all over her neck line.

I grabbed hold of her dress and ripped it off aggressively. She gasped as my fingers found its way to the wet fabric.

DA mm my baby is so wet. I groan softly as I felt my d*ck harden.

Ripped off the fancy fabric and toss it aside.

I bent over and teased her clit with tongue. She shuttered as I suck her real good.

I stopped and took off my clothes and got in between her legs.

Slowly thrust into her. Wtf she's still very tight. 

This time it wasn't just sex it was love making. She held on to me as I moved in and outta her slowly.

My eyes not leaving hers. Her moans were something else.



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