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💯 { he got all the drugs and I got all the drugs }💯



Two months later.

I stood by the balcony lost in my thoughts. Its been exactly two months since I moved here and I stopped all the contracts given to me.

I must say living a simple and calm life sure pays.

Placed my palm on my tummmy and sighed.

"Jayden if you did miss me please show me a sign." I looked at the sky.

Almost immediately the maids walked into my room 

."there's someone here to see you ma'am." She announced and i nodded 

"Be there in a minute. Make them seat while I change into something." I instructed her and she nods before walking away...

My heart beat increased as I descended downstairs only to meet the shock of my life ...

No this can't be! My lips trembled in fear ...

He's dead I killed him.

I almost ran upstairs when he turned to my direction. He stared me strangerly..

"G....ghost. No this can't be real."  I panicked.

"Come on baby its me ." he said with his arms spreaded out.

I touched and realized he's alive. What come next was a slap.

"How dare you scare me like that?" I yelled and helped myself to the couch.

He pulled me to him by the arm and hugged me right on the couch.

'I love you okay? And I don't see myself leaving you alone. Especially when you carrying something that belongs to me." I spoke. I could tell she was shocked.

"Wait! How did you know I was pregnant?" I frown and he chuckled.

"I've my ways baby girl. So how about we start over again? Get to know our selves once more .what do you think?" He trailed his thumb on my cheek and I find myself relaxing into his touch.

I nodded in agreement and he took my lips in his , how could I resist him? I miss him so much.

I miss how he made me feel like a woman.

"Come on let's go upstairs." He carried me in bridal style and took me upstairs while I showered him to my room.


He planted a kiss on my arm down to my tummy.

"I thought I lost you forever baby girl. Promise me you won't ever leave when problems arises." He said and I could sense he was dead serious.

I was a coward for running away like that. And have realized how much I couldn't do without him.

"I promise " I mumbled and he pulled me even closer.

"That's my girl ." he said and stole a kiss from me.



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