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Season 4

Episode 7

(I’ll Tear You Apart)

Right then, more and more uncles and aunties started gathering over. Yet Xia Qingwei was not flustered at all. She answered all of their questions, explaining with great detail too.

“Shut up! You’re spouting nonsense! I’ll tear you apart!” Xia Qingyang’s hair was a complete mess. With wild and crazy eyes, she bared her teeth and clawed her hands as she charged towards Xia Qingwei but was blocked by Tang Zi and his men.

Xia Qingwei’s eyes were bloodshot. They did try to stop Lu Man’s future, but they had never once succeeded.

However, when Xia Qingwei made her move, it would completely destroy Lu Qi!

Xia Qingwei saw that enough had already happened today, and she didn’t want to delay Tang Zi and the others from releasing their news.

If Xia Qingyang were to continue crazily making a huge mess, it would not be good if Tang Zi and the others end up having to pay for it.

Therefore, Xia Qingwei said to Tang Zi, “Tang Zi, I’ll be making a move first. Come and visit when you’re free.”

“Oh, sure,” Tang Zi replied.

Xia Qingwei quickly packed up her stuff and left. The uncles and aunties who had gathered also thanked and bade her goodbye.

After Xia Qingwei was out of sight, Tang Zi and the others hurriedly packed up and hopped onto their car.

Just as he started driving, Tang Zi received a call from Xia Qingwei. “Auntie.”

“Tang Zi, you have recorded everything that happened just now, right?” Xia Qingwei asked.

“Yes, I have. It will be ready for release once I get back and edit them a little.” Besides, if the length of the video was too long, the netizens wouldn’t have the patience to watch it either.

“Ok, I just wanted to tell you in advance that I don’t mind my identity being revealed, it’s alright if you show my face. The most important thing is that you have to let everyone believe what I’ve said,” Xia Qingwei said.

Tang Zi sighed. After all, Xia Qingwei was indeed Lu Man’s mother, both of them made the same decision.

“Sure, don’t worry,” Tang Zi assured her.

However, to protect Xia Qingwei, he still covered Xia Qingwei’s face with black lines.

He also some filters and edits to the video to let Xia Qingwei’s face appear even more blurry.

Even if others were to meet Xia Qingwei on the streets, they wouldn’t be able to recognize her.


“You haven’t surfed the internet in the past two days, have you?” Han Zhuoli asked as he took out his phone for Lu Man to take a look. “Our mother is so amazing. She stirred up quite a storm on the internet. Lu Qi and her parents are getting so many insults that they probably can’t ever see the light of day.”

Lu Man took the phone over. The first to release the news was Tang Zi’s team.

On the next day after the news was released, Xia Qingwei had created a Weibo account and even quickly got it verified.

Right after that, a huge crowd of curious netizens flocked towards her. Some of them were just interested in watching it all play out, while some questioned her too.

Although Lu Qi might have lost a lot of fans, she still had some die-hard fans who stayed firm and stubbornly supported Lu Qi.

These people ran over to Xia Qingwei’s Weibo and demanded solid proof from her.

Afraid that this incident would affect Lu Man while she was filming, Xia Qingwei did not tell her about it.

Tang Zi immediately used the same method he had used while dealing with Lu Qi back then.

Whatever solid proof the fans asked for, Xia Qingwei gave them.

In just a short amount of time, quite a ruckus had been created on Weibo.

“Having a terrible man and a despicable woman as parents, of course, Lu Qi won’t turn out great either.”

“If not, would she have been able to harm her own biological sister?”

“I’ve always thought that Lu Qiyuan was just dumb. He did not want his biological daughter and instead treated his step-daughter so well, but turns out that she was also his biological child all long. However, he really is way too biased.”

“There’s really more and more bad news about Lu Qi. I’ve never liked her, she’s too fake.”

“Our Fairy Qi doesn’t need you guys to like her. Us Fairylings also know how to differentiate right from wrong. We will definitely stand by Fair Qi’s side.”

In response to the fans’ cries for solid proof, Xia Qingwei showed the evidence the next day.

It was a voice recording from back when Xia Qingyang had come to boast and show off her power.

Also, back then when she wanted to gather evidence of Lu Qiyuan cheating on her, she had hired a private investigator. So now she even uploaded the photographs that the private investigator had taken.





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