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Season 4

Episode 6

(From Your Looks, I Can Tell That You Really Ain’t A Good Person)

There was even a bruise on her forehead from the camera lens.

“Xia Qingwei, switch off that recording immediately!” Xia Qingyang yelled.

At that moment, Lu Qiyuan finally came back to his senses and remembered what he had to do. “Switch that off immediately!”

He wanted to move forward and switch it off, but Tang Zi’s men were blocking him.

“Since you two had dared to do it, don’t be afraid of me telling everyone.” Xia Qingwei spoke lazily and slowly, “If you don’t want me to say it, you can try suing me with all your might! Everything that I’ve said is the truth. Since I’ve dared to reveal everything today, I’m not afraid of you guys suing me!”

“Switch it off now!” Xia Qingyang was livid.

In the recording, Xia Qingwei’s repeated everything over and over again. A few short sentences had given a good overview of what had actually happened.

As for the details, the passersby wouldn’t have the time to patiently listen to the recording, right?

If reporters were interested in it, they could just directly interview her.

When that would happen, tons of news reports will just come out one after another. No one would even bother reading them.

Some of those who passed by were busy pedestrians, but there were also some bored and curious uncles and aunties 1 .

A curious middle-aged lady asked, “Hey, is everything that you’ve said true?”

Turning around to look at the lady, Xia Qingwei’s expression softened. “It’s all true, Sister. This man is my ex-husband, and this woman is my younger sister. When I was living with him, he had nothing to his name. I was with him as he started out his business. Back then, whatever at home that was worth some money and anything that could be pawned, I had sold them all. To take care of my child, I even took on some odd jobs that I could do from home. When he wasn’t at home, I would only eat mantou 2 and salted vegetables, trying to scrimp and save every single penny. I was with him during his toughest times, but when our family’s situation started getting better, my younger sister who didn’t contact me in ages suddenly visited us.”

“I did all I could to help my younger sister, but I never would have thought that this shameless person would seduce my husband even after I’ve cared for her so wholeheartedly and sincerely.” Xia Qingwei pointed a finger at Xia Qingyang. “Hmph, but as a saying goes, “one brings bad things upon oneself as a result of one’s bad character”. If this man was really a good person, it wouldn’t matter who had tried to seduce him. But he wasn’t picky at all, even when he wanted to cheat, he didn’t even bother finding someone else and cheated with his sister-in-law instead. I don’t need someone like him at all and neither do I regret divorcing him.”

“Sister, you’ve done the right thing!” The lady empathized with her and nodded eagerly at Xia Qingwei.

“Big sis 3 , they are honestly terrible people. I have a daughter with my ex-husband, she’s called Lu Man.”

“I know, I know. If you said earlier that the female celebrity was Lu Qi, I know about what happened between her and Lu Man too!” the lady said eagerly.

Xia Qingwei nodded. “All those things happened in the past, and since you know it too, I shan’t mention it. But did you know? A director was impressed by Lu Man and wanted her to act in his movie, but this thing here even tried to block our apartment’s door. He tried to stop Lu Man for going so that Lu Qi could replace her.”

“That’s horrible!” the lady gasped disappointedly. “Isn’t Lu Man his biological daughter? I’ve never seen such a terrible man before in my life! He completely doesn’t deserve to be called a man!”

Xia Qingyang was trembling with rage. “You believe whatever she said?”

“Why wouldn’t I? She has already said that if she is really slandering you, you can sue her! Since she’s not afraid of you suing her, then she must be right!” The lady was rather plump and big-sized. “From your looks, I can tell that you really ain’t a good person!”

Xia Qingyang was so furious that she almost tumbled over.

This… this was really…

Based on her looks?

This woman still had the cheek to say something like that!

“Thank you.” Xia Qingwei smiled politely at the lady. “Thank you for believing in me. I never said anything before because I wanted to cut off all ties from them. They can live their own lives, while my daughter and I will properly go on with our own lives. But they are bullying us way too much and going overboard! There’s only so much a woman can endure. I can live with everything else, but I just can’t stand how they have been bullying my daughter. I’ve already given in so much. My tolerance has only made them think that we can be easily bullied. That’s why now I have to stand up for myself. But I’m also not afraid that others would make fun of what has happened to me.”




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