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Season 4

Episode 4

(Don’t Tell Them This Was Playing On Loop)

Tang Zi had got to know that recently Lu Qi was being oppressed by Lu Man so much that she was just rotting away in a corner of the entertainment circle, had not managed to get a single role yet. Even if people sought her for roles, they were just small side characters roles like the third female lead.

The only show she had was a television drama that was currently being broadcasted. It had been filmed a long time ago and was finally able to be broadcasted with much difficulty, so it could not be that just because of Lu Qi’s reputation they would not air it anymore.

But it was also because of Lu Qi that viewership of the television drama dropped greatly, causing the producers and investors to lose a lot of money, even now they were scolding Lu Qi.

Because of that, who would dare to have Lu Qi to be their female lead.

Now with Xia Qingwei doing this, it was like completely destroying Lu Qi’s career in the entertainment circle.

Merciless, how very merciless!

But he liked it!

Tang Zi knew that Xia Qingwei was a very low-key kind of person and did not like doing things that would draw people’s attention, not to mention airing her dirty laundry, she wasn’t someone who would want to draw people’s sympathy.

But now that Xia Qingwei was not hesitating to reveal her private matters and sufferings, it meant that she really hated them.

In the past, she was unwilling to argue with Lu Qiyuan.

But Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang were extremely shameless and would force a person to a dead end. He never let any opportunity to disgust someone get away and now with Xia Qingyang at his side, he gained even more support.

Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang must have never thought that their actions would not ruin Lu Man but instead, cause more trouble for Lu Qi.

Currently, the two of them were unaware of the tragedy that would befall on them and were coming out from the detention center.

As soon as they reached the entrance, Tang Zi yelled loudly, “Brothers, attack!”

Tang Zi’s subordinates: “…”

Were they going to a battlefield?

Xia Qingwei: “…”

Was Tang Zi normally like this when trying to get a scoop?

Being blocked on all sides, Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang had nowhere to go, and paparazzi were using their long and short lenses to take photos of their faces.

Whether it was Tang Zi who had planned this beforehand or not, it was unknown, but it was as if they were purposely shoving their cameras directly onto the faces of the Xia Qingyang and Lu Qiyuan.

By now, Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang had already knocked into the lenses multiple times, and Xia Qingyang was continuously shouting out “ow ow” yet in a delicate manner.

“Where are you all from? Move aside!” Lu Qiyuan shouted.

But who would listen to him, and especially since Tang Zi wanted to seek revenge for Lu Man, he was even more unlikely to listen and continued to take a lot of photos.

Xia Qingyang and Lu Qiyuan were just trying to duck and avoid them, and got stuck in a difficult situation upon hearing a familiar voice coming from a voice recorder from far afar.

“The currently popular newcomer in the entertainment circle, Lu Qi’s father, Lu Qiyuan, was ungrateful and cheated on his wife during their marriage, her mother was shameless, and seduced her sister’s husband. Lu Qi is a b*stard child of Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang, she’s the evidence of their affair. To maintain his and Lu Qi’s reputation, Lu Qiyuan told everyone that she was his step-child, when in fact, Lu Qi is his biological daughter. For Lu Qi, Lu Qiyuan schemed against his biological eldest daughter, and Lu Qi had inherited her mother’s blood to seduce her own sister’s fiance and harmed her older sister.

Even in the chaos made by the paparazzi, Lu Qiyuan could still hear those words clearly and although it was played from a recording, he still recognized Xia Qingwei’s voice.

Lu Qiyuan flew into a rage, pushing aside the paparazzi to go and settle accounts with Xia Qingwei.

The good thing was that Tang Zi was already prepared a long time ago, and had chosen some of his friends to surround Xia Qingwei and protect her.

On one hand, they were recording Xia Qingwei’s words, and on with the other hand, they were also stopping Lu Qiyuan from harming Xia Qingwei.

Just now as recording finally reached its end, Lu Qiyuan thought that finally, it would stop.

Yet that recording was played again.

Even Tang Zi’s paparazzi subordinates broke out in a sweat, don’t tell them this was playing on loop!



  1. Hahaha that's more like it 😂
    It's about time those bastards have a taste of their own medicine

  2. Beautiful! I love this! They deserve more than this. Spot on writer



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