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 Season 4

Episode 35

(Good time(1)

Zombie King: Do you have any orders, Joe?     

Love Mommy: Zombie, find a way to investigate what happened in the JS Group and why my Mommy doesn't work there anymore.     

Banana: Joe, did you say your Mommy didn't work anymore?  

 Zombie King: Okay, I got it.     

Love Mommy: Zombie, also, try and get the business projections on the JS Group for me.     

Zombie King: What do you want the projections for? They would be part of the company's confidential documents. I think it would be impossible.    

 Love Mommy: Well, do you need my help?   

Zombie King: No, that's alright, I will do my best.    

 Banana: Why are you two brushing me off?     

Love Mommy: Anna, I'm not, I have a different task for you.     

Banana: Anything, just tell me what you need, Joe.     

Love Mommy: I need you to get any and all information on a woman named Sally He.     

Banana: Sally He? Let me think. I know, is she a beautiful, enchanting woman?     

Zombie King: You know her?     

Banana: I've heard my father mention her. It seems she lives with a man whose surname is Xu.     

Love Mommy: They live together? ? ?     

Banana: Yes, that's what I heard. One night at dinner my Daddy told my Mommy.   

Love Mommy: Then get information on the man she lives with too. Give it all to me when you have it.     

Banana: Okay.     

Zombie King: Joe, anything else? I want to get to sleep. We can always meet when we get to school tomorrow and talk about it.     

Love Mommy: Okay, dismissed!    

 Cherry went to her room. Seeing Jackson was asleep in bed already, Cherry quietly changed into her nightgown and got into bed. She turned to the far side of the bed, away from Jackson, and faced away from him. 

    Jackson felt Cherry in bed beside him. He knew from the moment she came in the room.     

Jackson slowly reached out, wrapping his arms around her from behind.   

Feeling Jackson's arm around her waist, Cherry reacted instinctively, flinching and pushing against the arm to keep Jackson from touching her.     

Jackson had already guessed Cherry would resist, and tightened his arms as she resisted, leaving her no chance to rid of herself of his grip.    

 Cherry struggled against him until she realized Jackson wasn't going to let go of her. He was such a tyrant at times, demanding his way.     

Much later, when Jackson noticed Cherry had calmed down, he laid his head on her shoulder and whispered intimately, "I'm sorry baby, I'm sorry."    

Cherry stared in front of her in silence.     Without consideration to Cherry's reaction, Jackson continued, "Sorry, I'm too impulsive. I'm just so afraid you're going to leave. Baby, please, forgive me."  

Hearing him apologize, Cherry felt it touched her heart, a little.     

"He is your son. How could you treat him that way?" asked Cherry quietly, staring into the dark emptiness ahead, unwilling to roll over and look at Jackson.   

  Jackson knew Cherry was still mad at him for what he did to Joe earlier. Joe held a prominent place in her heart. He would even go so far as to say, that Joe was the top priority of her life. In his heart, he cherished their son no less than Cherry did, but she was much more a vital part of him because Jackson needed her; just as he needed water, and without her, he would perish.    

 "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." Jackson kept apologizing.    

 But Cherry didn't say a word.   

Jackson went on talking, "Baby, in my heart, you are more important than our son. I care about you and only you."    

"But he is your son! He's our child," Cherry said, turning her head to look at Jackson.     

Seeing Cherry's eyes on him, Jackson gazed into hers and said firmly, "I know. I love our son too. Baby, don't leave me again. Do you know what my life was like during the past five years? I missed you all the time and waited for you to come home to me. I never want to experience those nightmarish days again. You must promise to stay at my side the rest of my life, stay with me, forever!"    

As Cherry looked at Jackson, listening to what he said, her heart softened. Cherry stretched her hand out and touched Jackson's face slowly. She knew he moved her heart all the time. Though she had been away for five years, she never stopped missing him. In fact, she loved him more deeply than before.   

"Jackson," Cherry called.     

"I'm here," replied Jackson.   

  "Promise you will never hurt Joe, no matter what happens in the future," said Cherry. She only hoped that Joe would be okay.    

 "Alright, I promise. I will spare no effort in protecting our son," said Jackson. 

Focusing his gaze Cherry, he couldn't resist drawing her closer into his arms. He laid his head on Cherry's shoulder again and whispered in her ear, "Baby, I'll protect you and our son well, I promise."    
Hearing how firmly Jackson promised, Cherry nodded, "I believe you."    

Jackson wasn't sure if Cherry was angry still or not, so he gently asked, "You're not still angry, are you?"    

"What if I said that I am still angry at you?" Cherry didn't know what he was up to.   

"Then I would find a way to soothe you, " said Jackson. There was a gleam in his eyes, and an evil but charming smile on his lips.

"What are you planning?" Cherry was puzzled. 'What does that mean?' she wondered.

"What do you think I will do?" Jackson asked as he unlaced Cherry's nightgown.

"Jackson, stop acting stupid, " Cherry said.



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