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 Season 4

Episode 34

(Online chat (2)

Cherry was embarrassed and when she recalled the times Jackson called her Babe, it made her sad, that he still treated her this way. 'Isn't he a hypocrite?' thought Cherry.  

Would he have continued throttling her, and eventually suffocated her to death if Grandpa hadn't stopped him?     

Joe suddenly dropped his pen, took his Mom's hand, and looked her in the eyes, "Mom, since dad is cruel to you, I promise I'll be the nicest kid forever. I'll take good care of you. Please trust me on that."    

Joe's comforting promises were sweet, warming Cherry's heart and making her laugh, "Joe, I'm so lucky to have you." 

   "Me too, mom. I'll always be with you," said Joe, giving her a big smile.   

Cherry tousled his hair telling him gently, "Joe, please listen to your father, and don't argue with him, okay?"    

Cherry warned Joe out of fear of what Jackson might do to Joe. She loved Jackson, but she didn't understand him all the time. His fury always frightened her. Besides which, he was so volatile that she had no idea what he would do next. If Jackson lost control of his temper and hurt Joe, she could never forgive him, and her love for him would be gone with the wind.    

 Joe saw a worried expression cross Cherry's face, and answered obediently, "I know, mom. Don't worry."   

Cherry took a deep breath and said, "I can't wake you up in the morning. So, set your alarm, get up on time and have breakfast. Can you do that for me? Don't get lazy and become dependent."  

  "I can do that, mom. I promise," said Joe. He thought for a moment and added, "Mom, can't you work at Selina's company?"  

Cherry shook her head and answered, "Your dad has told me to give up my career. What can I do? Nothing. I had better behave myself and be a good housewife. After all, your Grandfather's old and needs to be taken care of. Look at the bright side; now I can cook dinner for you every night. Would you like that?"    
Cherry wanted to be free. However, she considered Jackson's cruelty and her adorable Joe's vulnerability and decided she would sacrifice her freedom to help the two most important people in her life and try to find peace in her heart.    

 "Yeah, I like eating the food you make mom," replied Joe cheerfully.     

Joe's happiness cheered Cherry up, "Be a good kid and student, Joe," said Cherry, echoing Joe's words.     

"I will mom, trust me on this. I will be one of the top students, and make good money when I grow up. I'll have a bigger company than Selina's. So, don't worry mom. You'll be taken good care of," said Joe, giving an outline and describing his future to his mom.   

Cherry refrained from laughing too loudly. 'Joe's such a sweet boy, ' she thought. Cherry looked up at the clock, and turned to Joe, "Have you finished your homework yet?"

 "Yeah, I don't have to finish them all, because they're really easy. I'll pass the exam tomorrow, no problem," Joe said confidently. 

 "Okay, pack your bag and get to sleep early. You need to get up on time. Don't be late to school," said Cherry.  

"Okay mom," Joe said as he started putting his textbooks and pencils into his bag.

 A few minutes later, Cherry said, "Go take your shower. Then, get to bed." 

 "I know, mom. Good night. I can shower myself. you needn't help me," said Joe.

 "Are you sure you can do it on your own?" Cherry was a bit worried. She had been taking care of Joe since he was born. Now, Joe was forced to be independent and do things by himself. She wasn't used to that.    

 "Trust me, I got this. Good night, mom," Joe smiled and said in a cute voice.   

  "Well, good night then, son. I love you," answered Cherry.    

 "Me, too. Good night," said Joe.     

When his mom left his room, Joe dropped his towel on the bed and started to play on his ipad.     

New messages appeared on the screen.    
 Anna: Where are you, Joe?   

Zombie King: I bet he's playing with his dad and mom.     

Anna: I feel sleepy. But, I want to say hi to Joe before I go to bed.     

Zombie King: Anna, did you fall in love with Joe already? Haha.     

Anna: Trust me, all the girls like Joe. Look at our classmates, tell me who doesn't like Joe? Joe's cute and handsome, everyone likes him.     

Zombie King: Shame on you.     

Anna: Don't be ridiculous! What's wrong, are you jealous?     

Zombie King: Jealous? Are you kidding me?     

Love Mommy: I'm here.     

Anna: Can I kiss you?     

Zombie King: That's gross! By the way? Why so late today, Joe?   

Love Mommy: Shit happened today. Made my old man mad. He almost slapped me.     

Anna: Slapped you? Joe, you okay?    

 Zombie King: What's up? Tell us everything!     

Love Mommy: Dad was upset all day, and then I said something wrong. He got really bent outta shape, and lost control. Luckily, mom saved me, and sent me to my room. She just left. So, I'm late. Sorry.     

Anna: Wow, Joe, you have a wonderful Mom! I like her already!    

 Love Mommy: Haha, you can meet her one day, maybe at our wedding.   

  Zombie King: Ewww! Are you two gonna live together?     

Love Mommy: One more word, and you're a dead man!   

Zombie King: Just kidding, man, chill!

Anna: Joe, I can't wait till I move in and live with your family!

Love Mommy: Now enough of this nonsense. Let's talk about something serious.



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