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Season 4

Episode 24

(Simple Explanation(2)

Jackson walked up to them and stood face to face with Mond, paying no attention to Cherry.     

"How could you meet with her?" said Jackson, glaring at Mond with disgust and hatred.     

A smile appeared on Mond's lips, but he didn't say anything.     

Cherry knew that Jackson had gotten mad, so she immediately explained to him, "Jackson, I went to..."   

 But before Cherry had the chance to finish her words, she was interrupted by Mond. He said, "Why can't we meet together? We even already had lunch together. What's your opinion on that?" 

Mond also looked deep into Jackson's eyes, but compared to Jackson, the look in his eyes was much more complex. 

'Jackson, I've been waiting for something like this to happen for so much time, ' said Mond deep in the corners of his mind.   

Cherry clearly knew what Mond implied the moment she heard his words. He wanted to make Jackson think that there was an affair between Mond and her. 

Cherry was sure that Jackson would listen to his words. It had been always simple for her to read Jackson's mind. 

    "No, it's not like that! I went to..." Cherry tried to explain things to him again, but Cherry was quickly scolded by Jackson before she had the chance to finish. 

    Jackson then turned his head to look at Cherry, and furiously roared, "Shut up, you have no right to speak now!" When had this woman become so bold? He had never expected that she could meet Mond behind his back, and if he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn't have thought that she had any dealings with Mond. He couldn't believe that their relationship was so close that they could even sit together at the same table and have lunch.   

Cherry froze all of a sudden when she heard what Jackson had said to her. He was scolding her, and he had got mad at her. Everything was a misunderstanding, and she wasn't even able to explain things to him.     

When he saw that Jackson had lost his temper on Cherry, Mond couldn't control his emotions anymore, although his mind told him that this was the exact result that he had wanted. He rushed forward and stood in front of Cherry, and as he fixed his eyes on his opponent, said, "Jackson, so this is how you treat your woman!"    

"Oh, you still know she's my woman. Have you ever thought about the horrible end that you would have if you ever touched what's mine?" said Jackson furiously. He was mad not only because of the words that Mond had said, but also for his shameless behaviour. Mond was protecting Cherry, but she belonged to Jackson, and he should have been the one to protect her. What right did Mond have to stand up for his woman?   

"Really now?" asked Mond. He then looked at Jackson, and in an even more blatant manner, said, "I'm so interested in that."    

"Mond!" Cherry immediately called his name to stop him. After all, this was the JS Building, and things could get a lot more worse if someone saw them quarrelling here.     

As Cherry tried to persuade him to calm down, Mond got even more impulsive. He then tightly gripped her arm and put her behind him.     

"Cherry, if your husband doesn't treat you well, I can always come to your aid and protect you whenever you need me," said Mond. His mind had told him to say those words just to irritate Jackson, without no other intention in them, but he could also feel that some sincere feelings were actually revealing themselves from his heart, feelings which pushed him to protect and care about Cherry.   

"Let her go!" said Jackson, as he seized Mond's arm hard to force Mond to release Cherry.     

Mond knew that he didn't have as much strength as Jackson did, because Jackson was a soldier. He was professionally trained for war, and Mond could never match him in physical strength.     

Jackson shook off Mond's arm and made him step aside for a few paces to get away from Cherry.    

 Staring at Jackson's eyes, Mond felt that he seemed to have achieved his goal. He looked at him with disdain in his eyes, and said, "Jackson, it turns out that you can be anxious sometimes too. I thought that you were superior over all of your life, and that you have nothing to worry about."  

"Fuck off! You're not welcome here!" shouted Jackson furiously. He was a dangerous element, a time bomb which could explode at any given time. 

Jackson didn't know how much time he had before he would eventually blow up and destroy everything around him.   

  "I didn't come here for you. What right do you have to chase me away from here, huh?" said Mond.     

When they had begun quarreling, Cherry was still lost in her thoughts because of Jackson's scolding, but now she wanted to stop them. Why couldn't they get along well with each other as both of them had once lived in the residential compound?     

"You two stop your quarrelling! Please!" suddenly shouted Cherry. Although she wasn't sure if they would listen to her words, she still wanted to try, because she couldn't turn a blind eye to what they were doing. She had to stop them!   

Cherry then gazed at her husband and said, "Jackson, I will explain everything what happened."    

After that, she moved her eyes onto Mond and said, "Mond, you can leave first. Thank you for bringing me back." 

   Mond knew clearly that Cherry had chosen to send him away and keep Jackson beside her, but he had achieved his aim, so it was useless for him to stay there any longer. He decided to follow Cherry's words, and to leave first.    

 "Alright, then I'll go first," said Mond as he nodded, pretending to speak these words in a soft and gentle tone.     

After she watched Mond drive away, Cherry focused all of her attention onto Jackson, and hopelessly said, "Jackson, can you trust me?"    

"I prefer to trust only what I see," said Jackson while glaring at Cherry, with his heart still filled with anger to its brim. 

  Cherry realized that there was nothing she could do because he would always turn a deaf ear to anything that she said.     
Cherry then took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down. As she looked at Jackson, she said, "Alright, you can go on with your affairs first, let's talk about it tonight, okay? I have to go back to work now."    

After she said this, Cherry was about to turn around and go inside the JS Building.    

 But before she could lift her feet off the ground and make the first pace, Jacked suddenly gripped her arm and furiously said, "You'll come home with me right now."    

Jackson then walked in the direction of his car dragging Cherry by her arm.    

 Inside his car, Mond saw that Jackson was pulling Cherry to his vehicle, and that Cherry's expression showed that she was compelled to do that. Furthermore, Jackson's face looked ferocious, and Mond couldn't believe that he could be so fierce and rough with his own wife.


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