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Season 4

Episode 20

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When she opened the door, Cherry saw that Mond was standing in front of the French window, gazing outside.     

Even though he knew that she had walked in, he still didn't turn around to look at her.     

Cherry then walked up to him and stopped when she was just a couple of feet away from him, but Mond still had his back turned to her. Cherry was confused by his reaction, and she asked, "Why are you here?"    

After he heard Cherry's question, Mond slowly turned around to look at her. He answered, "Haven't I told you already?"   

 "What have you told me already?" asked Cherry confused, but expressionless.     Mond slightly smiled at her, and replied, "I'm your client."  

"But your name isn't on the contract. What's going on here?" asked Cherry. She thought it was quite strange for her to find him there.    

 "Cherry, you're such a silly girl!" replied Mond. He resigned himself to the thought that sometimes she was foolish, but cute.     

Cherry felt annoyed when she heard what he had just said to her, because she still didn't get the answer to her question.    

 When he saw that he got no reply out of Cherry, Mond felt the urge to explain things to her in more detail. This feeling was new to him, because up until then he had never felt the need to explain anything to anyone. Why did he suddenly want to do that?     

"You know that my target is the JS Group, and specifically Jackson," said Mond slowly.   

Then it dawned on Cherry. She couldn't believe what she had just heard, and said, "But the company isn't yours!"    

"I will take over his company," said Mond without any sort of hesitation.     

"Do you mean that the moment this contract is signed, the company will belong to you?" asked Cherry, while pointing to the contract in her hand.    

 "Cherry, you're even more clever than I thought," replied Mond, with the corner of his lips curling up.     

Cherry shook her head, shocked by his horrible and disastrous idea. She thought, 'If someone else had come here today to get this contract signed, they wouldn't have had a clue about what they were actually doing.'    

"What are you up to?" asked Cherry, while she stared at Mond.    

 Instead of answering her question, Mond started to walk towards the sofa. He then sat down on it, crossed his legs, and looked at Cherry. He slowly said, 

"There's no need to rush. You know, I rarely book the whole place, and I think that we should first sit down and catch up on things." Mond paused a second, and then continued to say, "Don't you want to know the things about Jackson?"  

When she heard him, Cherry's heart skipped a beat. She was eager to know every detail there was to know about her husband, Jackson.     

She then walked towards the sofa and sat down opposite to Mond.     

He casually laughed, and as he looked at her, said, "I can see that the only things that can draw your attention are about him."    

"Why the JS Group?" asked Cherry.   

  "Because I hate Jackson!" replied Mond, while firmly looking at Cherry with his eyes burning with anger.   

"Why do you hate him so much? Has he wronged you in some way?" asked Cherry again.     

"What he's done to me was awful," answered Mond, slowly stressing each syllable while fury started to show on his face.     

"What else do you even need after you have already gotten so much money from Grandpa..." said Cherry, but before she could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by Mond.     

"Shut up!" he roared. He then stared at Cherry with eyes burning inside their sockets like hot coals, and asked, "Who told you about that?"    

Cherry wasn't frightened at all by his fierce look, and replied, "Nobody, I found the receipt all by myself. You do know that it was a lot of money, don't you?"  

  'Mond must surely remember the money he received,' thought Cherry.   

"Do Andrew and Jackson know that you saw the receipt?" asked Mond as he continued to fiercely stare at Cherry in front of him. He thought that he had to change his plan, because it seemed that Cherry had found out about more things than he thought she should have.  

   Cherry stared back at him, and while she firmly shook her head, replied, "They have no idea that I found the receipt."   

 Mond started at Cherry for some more time more, and then said, "You'd better not tell them that, or otherwise I'll have to send Jackson on a one way ticket straight to hell!"    

Mond's words sent a chill down Cherry's spine, and for a moment she saw he looked like the embodiment of evil.    

 "What happened between you and the Chu Family? Why do you hate them so much? Why are you doing everything you can to destroy Jackson?" desperately asked Cherry.   

"You really want to know?" asked Mond.     
"Yes, I do," answered Cherry, nodding her head without any sort of hesitation.    

 Mond suddenly calmed down, and even a tranquil expression appeared on his face. He then said, "Before I tell you the truth, I need to mention about someone first."   

 "Who?" asked Cherry.    

 "You already know her," said Mond while looking at Cherry.     

Cherry couldn't think of anyone at that time, and she wondered who it might be. 

Why did Mond want to talk about this person? Did she have anything to do with Chu Family and feud Mond with it? Did she have anything to do with Mond?

   When he saw that Cherry wasn't going to answer him, Mond went on to say, "She was the girl Jackson used to love before you."   

 "Sally?" blurted out Cherry. She knew that before she had gotten married with Jackson, Sally was the one that he had loved.     

"You know more than I thought," replied Mond bluntly.     

Cherry wondered, 'What Jackson refused to tell me, was it what happened between him and Sally?' Nobody had been willing to tell her what had happened between them in the past. 

    "Are you going to tell me why Sally left Jackson?" asked Cherry.    

 Mond was a little taken aback when he heard what Cherry asked him, because she seemed to know a whole lot more than he had thought to. When he thought better, he remembered that she was Jackson's wife, and that of course she had to know things about her husband.

   When Cherry saw that she got no reply from Mond, she asked again, "Is she the one?"    

"Cherry, you're more clever than I thought you to be," replied Mond.     

Cherry knew that he had acknowledged her answer, and she eagerly asked him again, "What happened back then? Why did Sally leave Jackson?"    

"Because Sally's parents died," simply replied Mond.     

Cherry was shocked by his unexpected answer and another shiver went down her spine. Why were her parents dead? 

Was that the reason why she had left the military residential compound?  

According to what she knew, the army had a system to take care of the children whose parents had died as soldiers; they didn't need to move from the residential compound, because the army provided them with everything that they needed.


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