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Season 4

Episode 19

(Designation (3)

At that time, her phone suddenly rang. The ring took Cherry by surprise, and she couldn't help but shake for a few moments. After she took it out from her bag and checked its screen, surprise hit her again, because the caller was Mond.     She answered, "Hello?"    

"Are you at work?" coldly asked Mond from the other end of the line.     

"Yes," replied Cherry.     

He then imperiously ordered her, "The company will send you to meet a client later. You must arrived at the right place on time."    

"What?" Cherry was a little confused, because only the JS Group knew if she was to be sent to meet some client. How did Mond know about this?   

However, Mond didn't answer her question, and instead quickly hung up.     

Cherry then put the phone on the desk, still thinking about what Mond had just said earlier. A couple of moments later, the internal phone also rang.     

Cherry picked it up, and said, "Hello."    "Cherry, it's me," said Selina on the other end of the line.     

"Oh, Selina," replied Cherry.     

"Cherry, come to my office, please."    

"I'm on my way," answered Cherry, before she hung up the phone. She now vaguely felt that maybe what Mond said was indeed correct. Was there actually something that Selina needed her to do?     
Cherry stood up from her seat at her desk and then walked out of her office.     
Staring at the files in her hands, Selina was also a little confused. Why did that particular client nominate Cherry to negotiate the contracts?   

After she heard the lift's bell ring, Selina looked up from her desk and saw that Cherry was already walking out of it.   

  Cherry walked up to Selina, and as she looked at her, asked, "Selina, what's wrong?"   

 Selina then gave her the files in her hands, and said, "Just take a look at this contract. The client appointed you to do the negotiating with him."    

The moment after Selina finished her words, Cherry couldn't help but start to shake a little. Mond was right, but how did he know about the JS Group's business?     

Cherry quickly browsed through the files, and found that one of the subordinates in her department was in charge of the project. Everything was done except for the signing of the contract. She had never been a member of the project team, but why on earth was she appointed to negotiate with them about it?   

Selina also looked perplexed, and said, "Cherry, I don't understand. We've worked with these clients for a long time, and they all have a good track record, but I still think that something isn't right here."    
Selina was very confident in her instinct and judgement. All of her life, every time she had felt that something was odd or out of place, she had always found out the reason why, but recently, although she thought that there had to be something going on behind her back, it was very difficult to find any evidence of it. She had no choice but to guess and try to look for any signs of what would happen next to make things more clear. 

    As she looked at Selina, Cherry seriously said, "Selina, I'm sure that it has something to do with Mond."  

"Mond?" asked Selina. Did it really have something to do with him? She had met him at the party, and it was true that she had gotten a very powerful vibe from him, but she knew nothing about how he actually managed his business and how he treated his rivals or partners in business.     

Cherry didn't say anything more, because she was also making a wild guess too. 

She had no evidence to prove that everything that was happening had something to do with Mond. The only thing that had made her think of Mond was the phone call that she had received from him.     

Seilna pondered in silence for a long time, and then said to Cherry, "Cherry, just go and meet the client. You'll tell me everything that happened after you come back." After she paused for a moment and something flickered in her eyes, she continued to say, "If it really is Mond, then we've got to take some action fast."  

Cherry agreed with her. She knew that the JS Group had nothing to do with Jackson and his family, but he had made all of those efforts to help Derek and Selina. As Jackson's wife, there was no way that she could just stand by and do nothing. She had to try her best to help the JS Group and Selina.     

"Okay, I'm going now," said Cherry.     

As she stared at Cherry's back when she left, Selina thought that if it truly turned out to be Mond, then it would be a great chance for the JS Group to expand its operations abroad on the overseas market.     

Cherry left the office building into her car.     

She drove to the fancy restaurant that Selina had told her, and as soon as she arrived and got out of her car, a guard walked towards her. She naturally gave the car keys to him, and took her bag and files from the passenger seat where she had put them.   

"Mrs. Cherry, Mr. Mond is waiting for you," said the guard straightforwardly.     Cherry was a little confused, because she had already read the contract, and the name on it wasn't Mond at all. If it was Mond who was waiting for her, then who was that person that had its name written on the contract? What the hell was going on?     

She had already arrived there, and there was no time for her to think about it for another moment. She slowly walked into the restaurant, perplexed by what was happening, but still cautious.     

As soon as she was inside, a waiter quickly came towards her.     

"Mrs. Cherry, please follow me; Mr. Mond is waiting for you in the private room," warmly said the waiter.     

"Okay," replied Cherry. When she saw the waiter walking in front of her, she had no choice but to follow him.   

They then walked into the lift, and they stopped at the top floor.     

The moment she walked out of the lift, Cherry was surprised by what she saw around her. Although it was somehow of a renowned restaurant in the city, the decoration had an extravagant degree of sophistication to them, even better than any other five-star restaurants overseas.     
When he saw Cherry's amazed look, the waiter gave a little smile to her, and said, "Mrs. Cherry, the top floor is only for our VVIP. Mr. Mond has rented the whole floor today, so don't worry, no one's going to bother you."    

Cherry didn't say anything or make any gestures, and just kept walking behind the waiter on the soft red carpet.  

 Eventually, they stopped in front of a big door.     

The waiter then turned to look at Cherry, and politely said, "Mrs. Cherry, Mr. Mond is already waiting for you in the room. Please, go in."  

"Okay, " nodded Cherry.

The waiter then turned around and left with a big smile on his face.




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