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Season 4

Episode 18

(Designation (2)

As soon as Joe grabbed his school bag and walked downstairs, he caught sight of his Mommy and Daddy tightly holding each other in their arms. He deliberately covered his face with his hands, but peeked at his Mommy and Daddy through the gaps between his fingers. As he slowly kept walking towards them, he said, "I didn't see anything! I didn't see anything! I'm going to school now!"    

After they heard their son's childish cute voice, Jackson and Cherry looked at each other and smiled. What a cute and naughty son they had!     

Jackson then drove his son to school. When he saw that Joe was playing games on his tablet beside him in the front passenger seat, he asked smiling, "Joe, aren't you getting sick already of these games after playing them day and night nonstop?"  

"Why should I get sick of them? Many of my classmates are playing these games," replied Joe, without looking up from his tablet at Jackson not even for a second.    
 "Your Mommy agreed that you take the tablet to school, but you're not allowed to play games in class, okay? You have to pay attention to your class and study hard," said Jackson. What he thought, however, was how hard it was for his wife to take care of their son and educate him all the time.    

 "Got it, sir," said Joe, as he paused the game on the tablet. He then looked up at his Daddy, and in his sweet childish voice said, "I remember every word that Mommy said to me, and I do exactly as she tells me. She said that I could only play games during recess."    

Keeping his left hand on the steering wheel, Jackson gently stroked his son's hair with his right hand, and said, "Good boy! You should always listen to your Mommy."  

"You too, Daddy! You also should listen to Mommy," said Joe, as if he were Jackson's parent instead.     

Jackson instantly froze for a moment, and wondered what was his lovely son talking about?     

After he saw his Daddy's confused expression on his face, Joe went on to say, "Mommy is our queen, and we should listen to her, right?"    

Jackson then suddenly burst out laughing, and delightedly said, "Very well, very well indeed! Of course she's our queen, and of course we should listen to her."    

After he saw his Daddy's cheerful expression, a smile also crept onto Joe's face too. He suddenly realized that he loved his Daddy very much, and even though the one that he loved the most was his Mommy, he definitely loved his Daddy too. He was his son after all, and how could he not love him?   

Jackson and Joe then arrived at the school gates, and as soon as they got out of the car, they saw a teacher walking towards them with a big smile on her face.     

Joe immediately recognized that it was his head teacher. He quietly walked to his father and stood beside him.     

When the teacher came closer, she happily greeted him, "Good morning, Joe!"    

"Good morning, Miss Rosa," politely replied Joe.     

Rosa nodded to Joe, and then turned to look at Jackson. She said, "It's nice to meet you, sir. I suppose that you're Joe's father, Mr. Jackson, right? Please let me introduce myself: I'm Rosa, Joe's head teacher."    

Jackson slightly nodded at her, and calmly said, "Hi, Miss Rosa. Thank you for taking care of my son."  

"Don't mention it! It's my job to do that, and I ought to do it well," said Rosa while smiling. Now she had finally gotten the chance to meet Jackson face to face, and he was exactly the same as she had heard. He was imperious, distant but handsome, a perfect man for any woman.     

When he saw that his teacher couldn't take her eyes off his father, Joe started to feel very sick. Was she actually trying to seduce his Daddy?     

Joe then suddenly turned his head to look at Jackson, and said, "Daddy, I'm going inside now. You can go to work." 

   "Okay, I'll come and pick you up with Mommy later in the afternoon," said Jackson.     

"Okay," nodded Joe.     

Jackson then glanced at Rosa, who cheerfully nodded to him with a dopey grin on her face. She must have thought that Jackson was saying goodbye to her.   

Jackson then got into his car and left.     After he saw Jackson leave, Joe turned around and walked into the building, leaving his teacher behind.     

But Rosa kept staring at Jackson's car without moving from the place where he and Joe had met with her. 'It's the first time I met him, ' she thought, 'And I'll have a lot of chances from now on to meet him again! Oh, it won't be long till I marry him!'    

Joe then walked into his classroom and sat in his seat, quietly lost in his thoughts and with a sulky expression drawn all over his face.     

At that moment, Joe's best friend, Mike, also walked into the classroom. When he saw that Joe was sitting in his seat and staring at the walls, he let out a little smile and walked up to the seat in front of Joe and sat down. He then turned around and looked at Joe, and asked, "Joe, what's wrong? Why's that sullen look on your face so early in the morning?"  

"Mike, is our head teacher reliable?" suddenly asked Joe. It seemed like a strange question.    

 But as soon as he heard that it was about their head teacher, Mike started to get a little worked up. He quickly answered him, "Of course she's not! 

Don't you see that she's just a snob who only cares about the rich? The kids who are at an economical disadvantage in our class, they never catch any of her attention, have you seen that? She always looks down on them, but in reality, they're actually not that poor at all. They're just not as rich as we are, but look at how she treats them, like they're some homeless people or street beggars. She speaks ill of them most of the time, haven't you noticed that?"    

Joe kept silent, still lost deep in his thoughts.   

A little depressed, Mike continued to say, "But she's been treating you very well, right? She's always as respectful as a servant in front of you, because, after all, you're from the Chu Family, and if she ever does anything bad to you, she knows that your father will kill her in the blink of an eye."    

"Mike, we need to keep an eye on her," firmly said Joe. He decided that he had to keep an eye on everything that concerned his Mommy and Daddy, and that if any person who might present a danger to sabotage their relationship ever showed up, he would take action before it was too late. His teacher's flattering smile to his Daddy earlier at the gates resurfaced in Joe's mind, and he just couldn't rule out the possibility that Rosa was trying to seduce his father.     Mike put on a confused look, and then asked, "What's wrong? At least tell me what happened, okay?"    

"She has seduced some students' fathers," replied Joe.   

"What? Are you serious? If it's true, then this is very juicy gossip," said Mike. He was obviously shocked, but after he pondered for a moment, he thought that it was actually possible for a woman like their head teacher to do that. Every morning, there were always a lot of cars in front of the school gates, and it was very natural for a head teacher to meet the parents and talk with them about their kids. But had Rosa actually seduced some students' parents? Mike was still a little skeptical about that.     

"I'll beat you to a pulp if you tell Anna about it. It's just between you and me, okay?" said Joe.     

Mike immediately nodded, and said, "Of course I won't tell anyone; I will do what you have told me to."    

Cherry was sitting in her office and had just finished her work for the day. There was so much going on in her head, because she still couldn't get out of her mind what had happened yesterday in the elevator and her nightmare.


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