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Season 4

Episode 15

(Talented jeo wanted to protect his mom (2)

"Why do you want to go there? They are dating, and it will be strange for them to have you around," quickly said Cherry. 

She wondered what her son was thinking about, and why he wanted to take part in their date.     

"I just want to see the love and tenderness glowing in their eyes," said Joe with a cute smile on his face.    

 Cherry looked at her son surprised, and asked, "My boy, how do you know about love and tenderness?"    

"Haha, of course I know! I always see Daddy look at you that way," said Joe, with his nose in the air. Joe remembered that when they were living back in the villa, his dad had always looked at his mother in such a profound doting manner, and it seemed that he was unable to shift his eyes off of her, something that had always given Joe a creepy feeling. He thought to himself, 'Maybe that is my Daddy's way to show his love to my Mommy, but sometimes he's just too overbearing.'  

"I'm surprised that you're such a good observer…" said Cherry.  Cherry didn't know whether she should be happy or angry. Joe was quite naughty, and she really didn't know how to deal with him.     
Joe was afraid that his mom might have gotten angry; he quickly covered his face with his hands, and snickered, "I didn't see anything, I didn't see anything…"   

 Cherry helplessly shook her head and focused on the road again. Actually, she was very happy in her heart, because her naughty son also brought her unexpected surprises. She felt very lucky to have such a smart and lovely son.   

Joe put his hands down from his face as soon as he saw that his mom wasn't irritated anymore. He then asked, "Mommy, so does my Uncle love Auntie Selina? Is he chasing her?"    

"Yes, and I find that Selina is also very happy to be with him. Let's just wait for the good news from them; maybe they'll be married soon," said Cherry.     

"Hooray! I want Auntie Selina to give birth to a little girl, and then I can play with her and I'll take her to the amusement park with me!" said Joe with great anticipation. He thought to himself, 'My Uncle's child has to be very lovely, since he's also very handsome. Although he's less handsome than my Daddy, he's still nice.'    

Cherry was shocked by her son's words, and said, "Joe, what's lingering in your mind every day? Why do you have so many strange ideas?"    

"Because I'm a genius! Don't you know that I'm as smart as a whip?" said Joe arrogantly. "What's more, my excellent genes are completely inherited from you and my Daddy, and I'm excellent because you're excellent! Don't you feel happy to have a gifted son like me?"  

"Oh my God!" cried Cherry. She was shocked by her son's words, because she had never expected that he would say something like that.     

"Haha…Well, alright, Mommy, I'll be quiet now; my lips are zipped," said Joe obediently.     

"No more talking before we get back home!" ordered Cherry. She thought that maybe her son was too naughty, and that she really needed to teach him a lesson.     
"Yes, Mommy!" said Joe respectfully.     Jackson was already at home when they arrived. Joe walked into the living room carrying his school bag, and when he saw that his Daddy was sitting on the sofa reading his newspaper, he cheerfully walked over to him.   

"Good afternoon, Daddy! I'm back!" said Joe, as he sat down on the sofa next to his father.     

Jackson put down the newspaper from his hands; he stroked his son's head, and said, "Afternoon, boy. Where is your Mommy?"    

Jackson only saw his son in the living room, but not Cherry.     

Joe pretended to be angry, and as he pouted, said, "Daddy, is there only Mommy you have in your heart? What about me?"    

Jackson was stunned by his son's words. He thought to himself, 'Why did Joe say that? Is he complaining that I don't care about him?'    

Jackson smiled after that, and as he gently pinched his son's face, said, "Of course not! You also play an important part in my heart because you're my son, and I can't love you more!"  

Joe then suddenly asked his father, "Do you love my Mommy?"    

At that time, Cherry also entered the room, and when Jackson saw her, he didn't know how to answer his son's question anymore.     

"Of course I love you and your Mommy, I love you both!" said Jackson, a little embarrassed.     

"What are you guys talking about? Who do you love?" asked Cherry, as she approached Jackson and her son.     

Joe laughed, and said, "This is our secret, so we can't tell you."    

After he said this, Joe clung to his Daddy's neck. He looked at him seriously, and asked, "Daddy, am I right?"    

Jackson glanced at Cherry, afraid that she might be angry. He then looked back at his son and found himself in a big dilemma, because he didn't know how to make both of them happy. He finally said, "Yes, yes…"  

It seemed that Cherry had been excluded out of their team, and she immediately realized that Joe was the one who was acting up. Her son had become so naughty that she didn't know how to deal with him anymore.     

"Joe, you're too naughty today!" said Cherry, as she stared at her son nestled on Jackson's chest.     

"My Daddy is much more naughtier than I am," said Joe in a childish way. "Mommy, are you jealous of me because I'm in Daddy's arms? Don't worry, I won't stay here for long, but you can stay in Daddy's arms later in the evening, and be sure that nobody will fight with you for that!"  

  "Joe! You…" Cherry was too angry to utter a complete sentence. Her son knew very much about everything, and he definitely wasn't thinking like a regular child for his age.   

Jackson couldn't help but burst into laughter when he saw how his naughty boy made Cherry helpless. Both Cherry and Joe were his loved ones, and he really enjoyed the days that he spent with them around him.     

After dinner, Cherry helped Joe do his homework. Jackson felt bored staying alone in the bedroom, so he also went to Joe's room.     

When Cherry saw Jackson come in, she whispered to him, "What are you doing here?"    

"I'm here to see you," said Jackson, as he held Cherry's shoulders.     

Joe stopped writing and then looked up at his dad. "Daddy, are you missing my Mommy?" he said.     

When Cherry saw that Joe wasn't focused on his homework anymore, she suddenly became irritated, and said in an angry tone, "Do your homework!"  

"Okay…" replied Joe obediently. He then lowered his head and continued to do his homework.

After she saw that her son started to study again, Cherry turned around and looked at Jackson. "You should go back to our room. I'll be there as soon as he finishes his homework, " said Cherry in a soft and tender manner.




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