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 Season 8

Episode 9

(Be with You for Better or for Worse (9)

As she was about to tell the butler that she wanted to return to the front yard, she heard music from somewhere not far.

It sounded familiar and relaxing.

Qin Zhi’ai refrained from asking the butler about the music, instead using her instinct to figure out where it was coming from.

Except for the music, there was no indication that anyone else was in the backyard.

As the music got louder, Qin Zhi’ai heard the familiar melody before the prelude ended. She remembered the lyrics by heart: “Let’s go back to where we started. Do you remember it rained on that day?”

She didn’t sing it out loud, but she could clearly hear someone else singing loud and clear.

“You held me tight in your arms and told me you would love me forever.”

Qin Zhi’ai was very familiar with the voice; it was that of the original singer.

Did Gu Yusheng ask the butler to play this song for me on purpose?

Qin Zhi’ai subconsciously turned around. She wanted to ask the butler why she had played that song for her, but she had not noticed that she had quietly left.

“If promise could not beat time, love had reached to the end within a blink of the eyes. I cannot face your excuses and lies. I saw you kissing her face.”

Qin Zhi’ai saw some lights out of the corner of her eye as she heard the word “eyes” sung. When she turned her head back, she saw a blinding light from the upper left in the dark. By instinct, she raised her hand up to block the light, but then the light slowly moved onto the grass to create a circular spotlight.

In the center of the light, a woman with a microphone was singing with her eyes closed, “My world has changed for you day by day. You did not notice what I have done for you. I closed my eyes to kiss you one last time. If you ever loved me before, please don’t say you are sorry.”

Even though there was some distance between Qin Zhi’ai and the singer, Qin Zhi’ai could easily recognize that she was her favorite singer, and the original singer of her favorite song, “The End.”

How can she be here?

Before Qin Zhi’ai recovered from the surprise and shock, the light on the woman started to dim, while many lights behind the woman lit up one after another until the backyard was as bright as daylight.

Qin Zhi’ai could vaguely see tiny light bulbs hanging in the air in the backyard. When she looked up at them, they looked like bright stars in the sky.

Many different-colored balloons floated between Qin Zhi’ai and the woman, and the strings preventing them from floating away weren’t even noticeable.

A large colored ribbon hung where each balloon was tied, and all the ribbons together danced in the air with the balloons.

Qin Zhi’ai was shocked for a while as she stared at such a dreamy scene before recovering her composure.

“My love slowly stranded in your world. I have learned how dangerous the love can be.”

She slowly walked through the sea of balloons toward the music.

As she got closer, she saw there were words handwritten on every ribbon.

She randomly pulled one ribbon close and read what it said by the light of the millions of tiny bulbs above her.

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