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Season 8

Episode 6

(Be with You for Better or for Worse (6)

In the face of the reporters’ torrent of questions, Gu Yusheng stood rooted to his spot and appeared calm and indifferent.

After the reporters stopped chattering, he then looked straight into the cameras that were snapping away at him and said in a bland tone, “Yes, like what my grandfather just said, the rumors about my marriage to Miss Liang are merely that—ridiculous rumors.”

“I have no idea why such rumors were spread online.”

“However, I’m very grateful for the reminder provided by all the reporters, because…”

As if he were about to bring up an embarrassing topic, Gu Yusheng paused momentarily before continuing to say, “The girl whom I love had been distancing herself away from me lately. I have been troubled by what the problem could be, and it appears that this is where the issue lies…”

The girl whom I love?

The reporters caught the sound bite and, immediately, one of them asked, “Mr. Gu, so you mean that there is a girl whom you love? But that girl is not Miss Liang?”

“Yes…” Gu Yusheng nodded his head and replied honestly. Then, because the topic of his precious treasure had been brought up, softness unfolded in his brow.

“Miss Liang is also acquainted with the girl whom I love…”

If it weren’t for the sake of proving his innocence, he wouldn’t have bothered to step forward to help her clear up the scandal.

Never mind, I will not let her off easily, even while clarifying for her!

Doesn’t she hate Qin Zhi’ai? Hasn’t she always been wracking her brain to come up with ways to destroy Qin Zhi’ai?

Alright then… I will now get her to praise Qin Zhi’ai, the girl whom she hates to the bone and whom she has exhausted all means to challenge!

As this thought crossed his mind, Gu Yusheng looked toward Liang Doukou. As if he couldn’t contain himself upon the mention of the girl whom he loved, he continued to speak.

“Furthermore, Miss Liang also enjoyed interacting with the girl whom I love. Even the first time they met, Miss Liang had nothing but praise for her…”

Gu Yusheng looked at Liang Doukou. In the presence of the many reporters, Liang Doukou had no choice but to express feelings for Qin Zhi’ai that were opposite of what she really felt.

“Yes, I really liked the girl whom Brother Yusheng loves. She…”

Trying hard to maintain her composure, Liang Doukou wracked her brain to think of some words of praise before continuing. “She’s very pretty. She also has a great personality and temperament. And she is even a top-performing student… truly a very likeable girl.”

Gu Yusheng lowered his eyes and swept a glance at the balled fists that Liang Doukou had hidden behind her back. A smirk formed across his face.

Unable to bear with it after merely two words of praise?

There’s more that awaits her…

“Furthermore, my wedding date with the girl I love is nearing. Miss Liang is also aware of that and had sent us her congratulatory wishes…” As he conjured up the specific words of her well wishes, he dragged it out with a long “mm…” before eventually saying, “She wished that I and the girl whom I love have a long-lasting union.”

As he spoke, he appeared to have some difficulty. Pausing, he looked at Liang Doukou and asked, “What did you say back then?”

Liang Doukou’s rage grew, and she clenched her fists tightly. However, without any other options, she could only force herself to suppress her rage and go along with Gu Yusheng’s charade.

“What I’ve said to Brother Yusheng was that I hope they will have a harmonious and long-lasting union, have many children, and love and understand each other for always!”


  1. Ahahaha you think you are wise Ahahaha

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  3. U deserve it liang doukou u reap wat u sow and wen u throw a stone to a wall it bounces back to u

  4. This episode is making me laugh

  5. 不不不不不不,serves her right

  6. Adeola Adeniran Ahmodu29 September 2020 at 07:15

    Wow! Gu yusheng �� you're the best. I love the way you handled Liang Doukou. Services her right.



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