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Season 8

Episode 50

(Thats Gu Jingzes Son?)

Gu Jingzes eyes flashed


Some security guards were mobilized to search the entire place but they could not even find a little imp.

Where did he run to? You cant even watch a kid properly. If he barged into the hall and knocked into the big shots inside, you will bear the consequences!

The leader of the security team shouted.

We lost sight of him the moment he entered here. I wonder whose kid is it. Would they be fierce

Enough, I have never heard that Mrs. President has a godson. Its clear that someone stole her things. Thats a thief. Why are you concerned about a thief?

Everyone listened on and searched through the place hurriedly. They were preparing to deal with him like how they would deal with thieves once they caught him.

In the end, they still could not find him even after combing the entire area.

Just now, someone saw a figure heading in the direction of the washroom but when they went into the washroom, he was gone again.

The security team was enraged. Someone shouted in anger, Little imp, watch how Im going to punish you once I catch you.

Then, someone shouted, Come here quickly. Hes here.

Everyone dashed over at once.

The security pointed at the door and said, He went in but its locked from inside, what should we do now?

The leader snorted and said, Knock down the door, I would like to see it for myself. Who on earth is he? A kid can have the capability to trick you guys.

The people who stood at the back took out some tools. The leader knocked on the door vigorously and shouted, You little brat! Come out now or I will whip your butt once I get in there. To think of coming here and deceiving us, you must be sick of living. I will educate you properly on behalf of your family. Who taught you to steal at such a young age?

There were no sounds inside. The leader was lashing out angrily but there was no response. He asked, Could he have escaped?

The security who stood at the side replied at once, Its a storage room. Theres no window so he cant possibly escape.

Knock the door down!

A few men went to pry the door open.

After a while, the door flung open.

Inside, Gu Shinian had nowhere to hide. He stood inside and looked at the people who charged in. Hey, actually, Im here to look for Gu Jingze.

The men were shocked.

Then, the leader laughed out loud. He went up to him and pulled him by his shirt, Little guy, try to escape again. Wait and see how Im going to punish you. Where did you learn these from at such a young age?

However, at this moment

Stop there!

A cold voice with a tinge of anger called out from the back.

The men turned around and saw Gu Jingze standing behind them.

It was a small storage room and it seemed very crowded at one. Even though it was only Gu Jingze who walked into the room, that powerful presence had shrouded the rest of the people at once and even if it was a bigger room, his presence would have still made it seem small.

Then, Yu Minmin and Yun Luo came rushing over as well. The bodyguards of the Gu family had also swarmed to the room.

The leader took a glance at the kid who was in his grip and shifted to look at the Gu Jingzes furrowed eyebrows. The cold gaze in his eyes and that of the little boy were exactly the same.

Gu Jingzes eyes were fixed on Gu Shinians small face at once.

With a slight movement, he was already standing next to the leader. He kicked the security aside and put his arms around Gu Shinians tiny body and pulled him into his embrace.

It was his son

His son.

Gu Jingze looked at him and kept his eyes peeled on his small face.

Gu Shinian had his looks but he also resembled Lin Che.

From this small face, he could clearly see Lin Che in it.

Even though he missed her badly, he knew that he could not go and look for them.

Gu Xiande was right. Ruthlessness was the mark of a truly great man. To become ruthless, he needed to be callous. He had to remove his soft spots and weaknesses. Otherwise, he would not have been able to come so far amidst the chaos in the Gu family.

For the sake of Lin Che and the childs safety, it was not just for a short while. To ensure that they would not have to fear others in the future, he gave up temporal joys and disguised himself into a person of steel and worked very hard.

Now, he had finally become the head of the household.

He just had the thought to go over to see Lin Che and his son, but little did he expect Gu Shinian to come and find him first.

How could he not be shocked? How could he not be surprised?

Gu Shinian looked at the man who was carrying him speechlessly, Can you put me down first? If you carry me like this, its somehow out of my plan.

The people at the scene gasped in horror. Who on earth was that little kid

Meanwhile, Gu Jingze narrowed his eyes at this little boy. Your plan? Wheres your mother? Did she come here too? Where is she now? Is she here? Gu Jingze asked continuously.

Gu Shinian replied, I plan to help my mother ask for a divorce so that my mother can go out for dates with other uncles and I will have a father. If you carry me like this, I wont be able to say what I want to say.

Ask for a divorce?

Niannian, Im your father. You will only have one father which is me. Your mother will only have a husband and thats also me. There are no other uncles and there will never be. Do you understand?!


The people were shocked. What did Gu Jingze say that this little imp was?

This little boy was Gu Jingzes son?

The people were taken aback.

When did Gu Jingze have a son?

At the back, Yu Minmin watched what had happened. Although she did not manage to fulfill her promise to Lin Che, seeing the reunion of father and son made her very touched.

Who said that it was always good and rosy to marry the rich? Very often, there was more helplessness that people did not see.

Yu Minmin had witnessed Gu Jingze working hard and his loneliness all these years and now his labor had finally borne fruits.

She was very happy for them.

As for Lin Che.

Forget it. In any case, she knew how Lin Che felt towards Gu Jingze, even though she said she did not wish to see him. However, it was still the couples own private matters so she was not going to get involved in it. She thought that they should deal with it themselves.

Yun Luo who was standing by the side was stunned. She stood there looking at Gu Jingze and the little boy.

This is Jingzes child?

Hearing that Yun Luo was muttering to herself at the side, Yu Minmin folded her arms and went up to her. Yes, why? Didnt Gu Jingze tell you about it?

Yu Minmin shrugged her shoulders and looked at Yun Luo. Probably because she was more biased towards Lin Che, when she looked at Yun Luo, she felt that Yun Luo could not compare to Lin Che in any way.



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