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Season 8

Episode 5

(Be with You for Better or for Worse (5)

“Miss Liang, can you tell me why you cheated?”

“Miss Liang, what do you think about the critics on your scandal on the internet?”

“Miss Liang, don’t you think what you did is immoral?”

“Miss Liang…”

Several mics passed in front of Liang Doukou while some reporters held their cameras on her.

Liang Doukou hadn’t expected reporters to show up so suddenly. She was not ready for the questions and cameras and became frozen in place in shock.

The reporters were not easy to handle. When Liang Doukou didn’t answer them, they became even more aggressive.

“Miss Liang, does your silence mean you admit that you did it?”

“Miss Liang, I believe the two gentlemen by your side are the former CEO and the current CEO of the Gu Company if I’m not wrong. Do they know you sneaked into a hotel to meet a man so late at night? How do you feel right now as you stand in front of the Gu family? What were you thinking when you fooled around with that man back then?”

“Miss Liang, you are married to Mr. Gu. Why did you fool around with a middle-aged man? Are you really like what people say about you on the internet—that you just innately like to play with men? If you’re that kind of woman, why did you try to present yourself as an innocent girl in front of the public? Don’t you think you’re deceiving the public that way?”

The questions became increasingly more aggressive.

With a pale face, Liang Doukou turned around to Old Master Gu for help.

He frowned at the reporters and their questions and then gave Gu Yusheng a look when the reporters paid no attention to him.

Gu Yusheng stood there next to his grandfather calmly and as if nothing was going on. He said nothing.

“Miss Liang, why did you look at Old Master Gu like that? Are you scared?”

“Miss Liang…”

Reporters continued throwing questions at Liang Doukou. One reporter was even live streaming his show: “Hello, everyone. I am Xiaoyu from DG Magazine. Right now, I’m at People’s Hospital and came across Miss Liang…”

“I am sorry, my friends and reporters.” After giving Gu Yusheng several hints to speak up, Old Master Gu felt badly for Liang Doukou and started to talk when he saw tears in her eyes.

Hearing him speak, all the reporters got quiet and moved their mics and cameras from Liang Doukou to Old Master Gu.

“I have not been feeling well recently, and I have not been paying attention to current events. I am a bit confused by your questions, but I am sure that Xiaokou and Yusheng have never married. How can Liang Doukou be accused of cheating if she is not married?”

The reporters were shocked en masse upon hearing Old Master Gu’s statement. One reporter had kept enough presence of mind to pass his mic to Gu Yusheng and ask, “Mr. Gu, is your grandfather telling the truth?”

“Mr. Gu, did you really not marry Liang Doukou?”

“Mr. Gu…”

Immediately, all mics and cameras were on Gu Yusheng.



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