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Season 8

Episode 4

(Be with You for Better or for Worse (4)

Casting aside the fact that Qin Zhi’ai and Gu Yusheng were about to become a couple, even if they had broken up, he would still clarify with the world that he had nothing to do with Liang Doukou.

Honestly speaking, if he hadn’t been aware of Liang Doukou’s past evil deeds, he would never have thought of addressing matters in such a roundabout way.

Furthermore, now that his grandfather was critically ill, if he were to clarify matters, it would potentially stir up anger in his grandfather again, which would not be good for his condition.

Because Liang Doukou had started this, she should not blame him for returning the volley. The best solution that he could think of was to force Liang Doukou to beg him to clarify matters.

Thus, he had intentionally made Xiaowang leak the fake news that he was already married to Liang Doukou. Combined with the previous news milestones about their relationship, almost everyone would believe this story.

The act of entering Mr. Yang’s room late at night would only garner traction if there was widespread awareness of his marriage to Liang Doukou. But Liang Doukou’s meeting with Mr. Yang was all within Gu Yusheng’s control.

Because he had been the one who had inspired Director Lin to cast Lin Yi as the female lead, he had strongly implied to everyone else—except Mr. Yang—to not interfere with Liang Doukou’s fight for that role.

Back then, Liang Doukou had tried so hard to suppress Lin Yi’s career that she was always arranging for some spiteful action to humiliate her. Thus, the perverted Mr. Yang would be her only way out… again. She still hadn’t realized that Mr. Yang was not a way out but only a dead end.

No one would willingly accept the label of cheater, particularly celebrities. Beyond ruining one’s career, one’s reputation could be destroyed, and the individual could be criticized by all.

Liang Doukou was no fool. To not be pushed into a corner, she would definitely plead with him to clarify on her behalf that they were unwed.

Not only could he torment me, but he could also avoid angering his grandfather and draw a clear line on our relationship…

Why shouldn’t he kill three birds with one stone?

Oh, but no… Even if he would clarify their relationship, with the series of scandals Liang Doukou’s reputation would still be in ruins…

So why shouldn’t he kill four birds with one stone?

Gu Yusheng remained patient for three days, when Liang Doukou’s scandal was still trending.

That was the day when Old Master Gu was discharged from the hospital.

It was an easy deduction that Liang Doukou would appear in his grandfather’s room, since she had placed all her hopes on him.

Thus, before he went to the hospital, he instructed Xiaowang to leak more news to reporters.

As Gu Yusheng entered Old Master Gu’s room, Liang Doukou was already there. She had always maintained a fresh, glamorous appearance in public and when she was with him. But now, she was deathly pale with sunken eyes and dark eye bags.

It was obvious she was on the verge of a breakdown. As he entered the room, she threw herself down before him and began to wail and plead with him.

She’s not my little troublemaker, so why is she begging at my feet?!

Treating Liang Doukou as if she wasn’t there, Gu Yusheng walked straight over to the doctor. Without giving her a chance to speak, he took the hospital bill and proceeded downstairs to settle and apply for discharge.

Instead of returning to his grandfather’s room, he called Nanny Zhang and asked her to manage getting him and his belongings down to the lobby.

After approximately five minutes, Liang Doukou exited the hospital wing where the wards were located as she clung onto his grandfather’s arm, while Nanny Zhang carried various bags of items.

Gu Yusheng walked toward his grandfather and, as he stood before him, before they could speak, a group of reporters had surrounded them.



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