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Season 8

Episode 14

(Be with You for Better or for Worse (14)

Gu Yusheng probably wanted to have the space to themselves, as the butler was nowhere in sight.
He pressed her against the door and kissed her deeply while he unlocked the door.

As the door opened, he pulled her into an embrace and nibbled hard on her lower lip while guiding her into the house.

With his lips still on hers, he carried and settled her down on top of the shoe cabinet as his hands continued to venture. Removing her shoes, he threw them aside and kicked his own off his feet. Without bothering to put on a pair of slippers, he carried her toward the stairs.

They kissed all the way from the porch to the stairs and then toward the bedroom. Raising his foot, Gu Yusheng kicked the door open, carried Qin Zhi’ai into the room, and slammed the door shut with his foot, at which point he began taking her clothes off.

By the time they got close to the bed, they were almost completely naked and not holding back.

He pressed down heavily on her on the bed and nibbled away forcefully at her lips for some time before thirstily venturing along the nape of her neck, her ears, and her collarbone, leaving one mark after another along the way; not a single area on her body was spared from his kisses, and she trembled hard until his lips eventually found their way back to hers. They kissed once more, deeply with ardor and hunger, as their breath mingled.

His breathing raspy and thick with seduction, he had already reached the limit of his tolerance. Forcefully taking off her bra, he pressed himself on top of her.

Although they had been intimate before, this time Qin Zhi’ai suddenly became a bit nervous, and her breathing became erratic. Just as he was about to touch her more deeply, she closed her eyes and her eyelashes quivered as her face flushed red.

He sensed her bashfulness and uneasiness, so held her face in his palms and then, slowly grazing her cheeks with his thumbs, he said in a deep, suggestive voice, “Relax…”

Hearing this, her heart raced even more quickly, and her blush deepened. “Mm,” she responded, which to him sounded like a moan. The allure made him actually moan, and he thrust his waist against her hard.

She instinctively clung onto his shoulders, riding with his motion as her nails dug hard into his skin. She hoped to sink her fingers into his heart such that he could not help but reduce the distance between the two of them.

He was not in a hurry to move and quietly remained inside her.

They could clearly feel each other.

The room gradually turned hot and steamy. Gazing down into her face, he could see the thick flood of emotions coursing outward into her entire body. He rained down kisses on her lips repeatedly until he could no longer tolerate it. Moving his lips up to her ears, he asked softly in a tone that sounded as if he was consulting for her opinion, “Shall we begin?”

She clearly understood what he was implying but, before she could respond, she already felt him penetrate her.

Qin Zhi’ai grumbled lightly in her heart…

Did he really even want my opinion?

And then her heart jolted along with his gentle force. The deeper he penetrated, the more she indulged in it.

Right as she was at the peak of her climax, a thought suddenly flashed across Qin Zhi’ai’s mind…



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