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Season 7

Episode 8

(So He Was the One Whom She Had Loved for Eight Years (8)

“He is tall and handsome. I still remember the first time I saw him; my only thought had been he was the one I was looking for, no matter how many guys I might meet in the future.

“Oddly, though, he always looked naturally arrogant for some reason.

“He was a soldier like you. He had a very big dream. He’s as handsome as Prince Charming, but he has a bad mouth.

“He gave me a very bad nickname, little sweetheart.

“He has many bad habits. He’s addicted to smoking. He has a temper. And yes, he is quite arrogant; he doesn’t just appear so. He does have a very nice name, though. His name is Yusheng.”

Yusheng… Seeing this familiar word made his heart wrench tightly.

Having no patience to chew over the long chunk of text that she’d written, his eyes quickly moved on to read her subsequent text.

“Mr. S, you had said that you hoped that my love would be reciprocated and that I can be with him.

“Thank you for your well wishes, but there isn’t a possibility for us to be together anymore.”

Gu Yusheng’s brows crinkled slightly and, after a few seconds, he finally recalled that in her previous letter to him a few months ago, she had mentioned that the man whom she loved was already married.

Back then, he even asked her, “A, you wasted eight years of your youth for that man. Now that he’s married, what plans are you making for your future? Aren’t you going to start fresh?”

She had replied, “Mr. S, I don’t know. I might start fresh, but I haven’t made plans for that yet. Because… You know what? I had the courage to leave him but not the power to forget him.”

Gu Yusheng’s frown deepened.

I’m married? Since when was I married?

Liang Doukou? How does she know?

Gu Yusheng immediately thought of Xu Wennuan and Wu Hao.

She must have heard about my affairs through them.

As Gu Yusheng had never told her he was married, he did not take the words to heart. He had originally thought that she would continue to write something about his marriage status but, surprisingly, she didn’t.

“Mr. S, do you remember that you had previously asked me if I would consider starting fresh? Back then, I told you that I had no such plans, but now I think I’m ready to start a new life.”

Start a new life? What does she mean by this?

Gu Yusheng was suddenly afraid to read on. Holding his breath, he stared at the sentence for a good five minutes before he slowly moved his eyes to read her subsequent words.

“Because another important person has appeared in my life.

“To me, this person is as important as that man whom I have loved for so many years.

“This person will be my everything in the future.

“All that I have and my entire being, including the remaining years of my life, will all exist for the sake of this person.

“Mr. S, I think that we will definitely be happy and blissful together.


Below her initials was the date.

That was the end of the letter, which fell through Gu Yusheng’s fingers once more.

There was too much for him to digest from that letter, and he felt as if he were frozen in time in the stillness of a painting.

Gu Yusheng had no idea how much time had passed. His mind only gradually reeled back to reality when the incessant ringing of the phone filled his ears. Not picking up the call or even looking at the caller ID, he trudged over to the bay window.



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