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Season 7
Episode 74

(Wait for Me to Rouse (8)

Because her pregnancy now made it unsuitable for her to take long flights, Qin Zhi’ai delayed her trip abroad.

Naturally, her mother questioned her return. Afraid to inform her about her premarital pregnancy, Qin Zhi’ai muddled her way through a random excuse about her school abruptly changing arrangements.

During her next few days in Hangzhou, she mainly ate and slept. Life was peaceful despite her worry and concern about Gu Yusheng, who was more than a thousand miles away from her in Beijing.

From time to time, she was distracted and restless, but that did not affect her physical condition. Five days after she had returned to Hangzhou, the doctor at her pregnancy checkup indicated that her fetus was stable and developing properly.

That night, she received a message from Xiaowang, notifying her that “Master Gu regained consciousness, so do not worry.”

Upon reading the message, Qin Zhi’ai’s heart was finally relieved. Holding on to her phone, she recalled that Gu Yusheng had told her to wait for him to regain consciousness before he slipped into a coma.

While she had often thought of this scene over the past few days, she had managed to suppress the thought and bury it deep in her heart.

Undeniably, her heart had wavered over those few words.

But her rationality told her otherwise.

Making a choice is always the hardest.

Being forced to stay in the country because of her pregnancy had come as a relief to Qin Zhi’ai. If there had been a choice between leaving and staying, she did not know how she could make one after Gu Yusheng regained consciousness.

She had waited patiently for several days for Gu Yusheng to rouse and, now that she had received news about him, her choice felt easy.


Gu Yusheng regained consciousness on the second day after his surgery.

But he was not awake for long. Under the influence of the medication, he fell back into a deep slumber.

Given the best medical facilities, doctors, and medication, and because his physical health was much better than the average person due to his previous army regimen, Gu Yusheng again regained consciousness in only a few days.

The first thing he wanted to do upon waking was text Qin Zhi’ai; however, he had lost his phone after leaving his grandfather’s room on the day that Qin Zhi’ai was supposed to have flown abroad. Complicating matters, Liang Doukou was the only person in his room with him. Both Xiaowang and Lu Bancheng were on business trips, so he had to wait to contact Qin Zhi’ai until Xiaowang returned from the Shanghai branch office.

Gu Yusheng’s body was already much improved and, while waiting for Xiaowang to arrive, he managed to get out of bed and flex his limbs.

That night, Gu Yusheng had wanted to borrow Xiaowang’s phone to chat with Qin Zhi’ai but, regretfully, Xiaowang informed him that they had urgent tasks to tend to when he got back that night.

Although it was 11:00 p.m. by the time Xiaowang’s plane touched down, he headed straight to Gu Yusheng’s hospital instead of making his way home. Having finished his IV drip, Gu Yusheng was already asleep, but Xiaowang’s arrival woke him up.

While Gu Yusheng’s first desire was to borrow Xiaowang’s phone, he patiently waited to discuss what the urgent business was they needed to discuss. Before he managed to say a word, however, Xiaowang had already called out “Master Gu” and began talking.

“Master Gu, you know that incident when Secretary Qin was kidnapped during the Gu Company annual party last year?”



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