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Season 7

Episode 71

(Wait for Me to Rouse (5)

He was fine yesterday when I saw him. How could this happen in such a short time?

Qin Zhi’ai looked at Gu Yusheng lying on the road with his eyes closed. She wanted to wake him up but dared not shake him and potentially hurt him more. She gripped hard on his arm and then let it go. She repeated this many times before putting her hand in front of his nose to feel if he was breathing. He was, but his breaths were so weak that they were almost undetectable.

Qin Zhi’ai’s hand shook, and more tears fell. Her emotions and uncontrollable crying made her look like a child. She had wanted to see him one last time, but she’d never expected to see him like this.

She intuitively searched for his hand with hers and held it tightly. She could not help but call out his name as she sobbed. “Yusheng, Gu Yusheng, Gu Yusheng, Yusheng.”

She had no idea how many times she had called his name, but when she managed to look at him for a moment, he did not look like he heard her. Instead of showing any response to Qin Zhi’ai, he in fact looked very peaceful.

Scared that he would die like this, she felt her hand holding his start to shake violently, causing her to panic as she continued to call his name.

She then raised her voice without caring how others around them would react and yelled, “Gu Yusheng!”

She kept calling his name many times in desperation. She did not want to stop even when her throat had become so sore that she had lost her voice.

People around her felt bad for her and tried to comfort her. “Girl, you don’t have to call his name anymore. He can’t hear you.”

She didn’t hear anyone, as her whole body was shaking from crying so much. Her throat hurt so badly, but she did not seem to feel the pain. She yelled his name so hard that the sound she made at the end was low, coarse, and grating.

She reached the point where she couldn’t pronounce his name anymore as words but only as halting syllables. “Yu… Sheng… Gu.”

Suddenly, Gu Yusheng, presumably dead on the ground, moved his eyebrow.

“Hey, his brow twitched,” yelled someone with good eyes standing near Gu Yusheng.

Qin Zhi’ai had been moving her mouth to try to call out Gu Yusheng’s name yet again, but she suddenly stopped. She looked at Gu Yusheng with tears in her eyes blurring her vision. She swiped her arm across her eyes to clear her tears to see better.

Gu Yusheng’s brow moved again.

Qin Zhi’ai’s heart jumped, and she again began to grip his arm harder.

As if Gu Yusheng could sense her grip, his eyelashes lightly fluttered along with his brow creasing.

“Yu…” she subconsciously tried to say, but her voice was gone again. At that moment, she clearly felt Gu Yusheng’s pinkie move in her hand when she tried to say his name.

She suddenly held her breath.

She saw his eyes sluggishly open.

She saw her own red eyes reflecting in his pupils.

He looked at her but did not say anything.

He was weak.

Qin Zhi’ai became excited and happy, as if she herself was the one who had just escaped death. She began to cry again.

One teardrop accidentally fell between his lips.

The salty taste made his eyes move, and his fingers in her hand rubbed her palm.



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